John M Nxb

Problems with my Disqus account.

I received a notice from Disqus that I hadn't verified my e-mail account that they required to be verified. When I accessed my profile page, the information contained there was totally incorrect. I updated my Screen name and email on the Disqus profile page. In spite of the updates I made and saved to my profile, those updates were not reflected in my attempts to complete my verification process. I also updated my email from the one shown on my profile that was not anything like my actual email address. During this period, whenever I clicked on the link to "send me an email" in order to verify my account, the pop-up window I received had an input line to enter my email address but would not let me access the input line for my email input. I tried to complete the verification process numerous times, all without any success. In addition to these user difficulties, after I updated my profile, my full name started showing up the Disqus site. With the propensity of people today to use information like a name as a means to dox that individual if certain parties disagree with the nature of the posts and comments made by an individual. I can't get a verification email to confirm my email account which is holding up the entire process of logging into the Disqus forum. Since Disqus apparently doesn't have any means of contacting a person in their Customer Service group who could let me know what steps they might be able to take or those I need to take to resolve these issues.
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Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution