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Roca Labs - Don Karl Juravin - my mentor and amazing inventor

Roca Labs - Don Karl Juravin - my mentor and amazing inventor
I have lost a total of 57 inches all over with Roca Labs regimen. I was size 18 and now a 9/8. Amazingly my body fat is now 30% .... yippee. My current weight is 169 lbs and I started Don Karl Juravin's amazing invention (miracle should I say !) at 204 lbs. My goal is to be at 20% of body fat. I don't mind slower progress I know I am eating right and I am doing all the right things and slower for me means I get use to and my body gets use to way I eat. I have included my before and after pictures. I will start counting backwards soon. I have 21 more lbs to go to reach y healthy weight I can not thank Don Karl Juravin enough for the system he created that not only helps me to achieve healthy weight but to live healthy lifestyle
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FAKE REVIEW BY DON JURAVIN aka ADI JORBIN... Google those names!


What a loser



Didn't this guy threaten and sue unhappy customers???? This scammer even sued this very website for providing people an ave to tell their stories and experiences.

He even tried to even make the company break the confidentiality of those customers, by pushing for the personal info and IP addresses of those customers..

Don Juravin is anything but reliable. He is a liar, bully, and a scammer.




More Fake reviews by Roca Labs and Don Juravin..jeez Don, how can you write so many fake reviews ???


I am living proof that the invention of Don Karl Juravin really works. You can talk to me and thousands of users who have achieved AMAZING success on

@Casey Kenedy

Casey, read up on your boss Don Juravin. Everyone knows you were paid to write this. Why do you lie for this sociopath ?


Its sad that some people are trying to keep others from such a great product and system. I have been a user just like Crystal for around 4 months and nothing has worked for me in weight loss but this AMAZING invention of Don Karl Juravin. Why not join thousands of successful users and see by yourself and then decide


Wow Don! How many of the BS fake reviews are you gonna do?

I cant believe you make 1 dollar off of this scam.

Everyone, the FTC and IRS are about to put this guy and his scam product out of business for good.

Don't fall for his tricks and give him anymore of your hard earned money.

Find the truth yourself by searching him along with the FTC investigation into his business.


Then I better get my next supply before they shut him down. This product is excellent.

Sadly, if you don't follow the rules and want to be treated like you don't have a problem, then yes, you're going to to think it's a scam or he's a problem.

This is simply not true though.

We all lose weight differently. Don Karl Juravin's regimen does work, but you need to be committed to the rules.

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