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Jb And Associates Estate Sales - JB and Associates is an Estate Liquidation Company of Your Nightmares

You don't want to hire JB & Associates if you're considering an estate liquidation sale. Judy Brockman and her staff hate the general public and they are the most unhappy, unprofessional and rude people I've come across. I recently came across an estate liquidation at Shelter Lane, Murphys on May 13, 2017 and set aside quite a few big pieces of furniture I wanted to buy. I was incredibly enthusiastic about the possible transaction, but didn't have enough cash on me, nor my checkbook or a big enough, let alone, enough vehicles to move everything. I asked if they took credit cards through a smart phone or if I can transfer funds via PayPal, and the one older woman who worked with Judy, said she's been pushing her boss to go in that direction, but they could take cash and checks only. Note to JB & Associates, it's 2017. Get with the program and update your abilities to transact sales via internet. I asked to put the items aside, so I could come back with my checkbook and another large vehicle. I left a small cash deposit. I returned with my girlfriend and my mother. We went through the remains of the sale and picked out several other items for purchase. We were all laughing and having a good time and deciding what was needed for all of our homes. Over the course of the time we were there, Judy's other staff members, two other women and an older man, were just miserable to deal with. They never smiled, they were put-out, the guy sat around doing nothing, they sighed constantly when you asked questions and were constantaly acting like they wanted to be elsewhere... in other words, when estate and garages sales are supposed to fun, these people were a friggin' drag, unprofessional, demeaning and just ugly inside and out and hideous to deal with. In one instance, we were going to buy a clearly defective chair and asked if she could come off of $25 price because it was defective. Judy's cryptkeeper assistant simply and condescendingly said, "Well, don't buy it." I let that one go, but after a while of being treated like were were pariahs because we wanted to buy A LOT of stuff at the end of the day, things went from bad to worse. Judy Brockman, the JB in JB & Associates, is just about the most ornery and disagreeable person I have ever met in the real estate business. She's miserable. If you don't like your job, Judy, resign. I have had my interactions with estate liquidators and find them all to be very grochy and unhappy people and Judy Brockman is the personification of that stereotype. When I finally had a pile of large funiture, lamps and other items totalled out, I asked what was the best deal we could strike, and Judy was just having none of it. She said the total price was what it was and that was that. If I didn't like it, I could leave. Keep in mind, we were now TWO HOURS into this transactions, plus I had to go home, get a checkbook, other people who wanted to buy stuff and bring another car... this is supposed to be a professional and seasoned estate liquidator who is hired to interact with the public and help you sell your possessions with a smile on her face. What was shocking was, Judy's lousy and immature attitude is constant throughout her employees. I had a few heated exchanges with the older cryptkeeper woman on her staff, when simply asking questions about prices. She never smiled, was not personable and over time, her demeanor just kept getting worse. This cryptkeeper assistant to Judy would quote one price and then say she never said that a few minutes later. When I was ready to give in and just pay the totalled price for all I wanted to buy, I was one dollar below what Judy totaled. When I pointed out the difference, she said, "We're done." She reached into the till, threw my $15 deposit on the table and said, "Here, go buy your two women lunch." The three of us were in complete shock for a minute and stared at Judy in disbelief thinking it was a joke. I looked at my girlfriend and said, 'there is just too much bad karma associated with this transaction.' I don't want any of this stuff. Judy got into more of a huff and said something along the lines of 'fine, leave, take your karma.' I've never seen anyone cut off their nose to spite their face like that. 'That one dollar difference just cost you hundreds,' I replied. And we left without purchasing anything. A wasted two hours. But, I am glad I didn't buy anything from Judy's sale at this address, because it would have aggravated me to own anything I decided to purchase from Judy. Judy is a miserable person. She is about 25-years older now than her headshot on her website and has a permanent scowl on her face. She is not the professional, considerate or friendly marketer she advertises herself to be. If you own a home and wish to liquidate your belongings, do not hire JB & Associates, as Judy Brockman is a tired, worn out junk dealer who hates the public and does more to undermine her own ability to succeed unlike anyone I have every met.
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The exact same, or a very similar review was written on Yelp by a Christopher B. Now he or she is calling themselves Eric Fratto.

They don't show a photograph and seem to have it out of this person of this estate sale company. They really didn't lose $300, THAT'S AN OUTRIGHT LIE, at least according to them (they just didn't buy anything).

Their (Christopher and/or Eric Fratto) overall review is a JOKE!!! Even to press further - they say that dealing with the staff was "demeaning and just ugly inside and out and hideous to deal with" - I guess being in contact with someone for a few minutes really gives you enough insight to know if someone is "ugly inside and out." Quite frankly, the only ones being hideous or demeaning is this Eric Fratto guy (or maybe Christopher) or whoever he is.

To say that someone needs to "Get with the program and update your abilities to transact sales via internet" because they don't accept Smart Phone payments is again a JOKE, quite RIDICULOUS to say the least!!

This person needs to get a life. I attended one of their sales (JB & Associates) this week and it was good, well done. Although I couldn't stay very long, had business to attend to, but if I did, I'm sure I would of got to know Judy's crew so very very well, inside and out!!!!



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