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Monroe Therapeutic Massage LLC - Self-serving, inhumane & callous - RUN!

Monroe Therapeutic Massage LLC - Self-serving, inhumane & callous - RUN!
Monroe Therapeutic Massage LLC - Self-serving, inhumane & callous - RUN!
Monroe Therapeutic Massage LLC - Self-serving, inhumane & callous - RUN!
Monroe Therapeutic Massage LLC - Self-serving, inhumane & callous - RUN!
Monroe Therapeutic Massage LLC - Self-serving, inhumane & callous - RUN!
Vile excuse for a business that's supposed to be providing "therapeutic" services but, instead is self-serving, inhumane and callous. Brutally trapped and killed a group of feral cats in their neighborhood, without ever seeking alternatives. In addition, they tried to get an elderly neighbor who was feeding the cats arrested and then BRAGGED about the killings and arrest on their Facebook page. ("We are so excited to report we are free of cats...All the culprits have been captured...The authorities are waiting for our neighbor...Feeding cats is illegal.") Their explanation? The cats "might have disease". NO evidence to suggest ANY of the cats had any kind of disease. Even posted pics of the captured cats & a copy of the complaint they'd filed against their neighbor on their business page. They were SO PROUD of themselves! Following a flood of negative feedback from the community, they removed their photos & boasts. Then started back peddling & blaming the local Humane Society (see attached pics for the Humane Society's response). When that excuse FAILED, they started calling the animal advocates a "hate group" & blamed the backlash on "racism". *eye roll* Such blatant disregard for life is appalling. Anyone who has this kind of mindset is a disgrace to the "therapeutic" field.
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Her feeding the cats has nothing to do with multiplying. This could be avoided by TNR.

Feeding them car for keeps down the deases they would get from eating mice,birds of snacks. These cats never asked to be born and is surviving the best way they can. I hope your business has to close for what you have don't to these cats and the little old lady who fed them.

I hope cats are in your dreams running all around you and you wake up sweating and unable to get go back to sleep. I hope this happens everytime you close your eyes.


Hopefully these people will suffer the same fate they inflicted on these poor animals. That is my intense desire.

I would dance with glee upon learning that they died in a fire.

But theres no karma and no god and the evil are inheriting the earth. One day tho there will be vengeance for these crimes.


It's very telling that Monroe made a post thanking the animal advocates for boosting their business but, also continued to whine that they were being falsely accused and "defamed".


The images posted were taken directly from the Monroe Therapeutic Massage Facebook page. Any "business" (much less one that pretends to be "therapeutic") that would post these kinds of things to their professional page and think that this would cast them in a positive light has some very serious ethics issues.

Following negative community backlash, they deleted the pictures from their page but, no worries.

They can't erase the screen shots others had already taken. Read and decide for yourself if this is the kind of place you'd like to visit for some "therapeutic" services.


Lies lies lies defamation.


In my neighborhood we have 3 registered feral cat communties.It is a very harsh crime to hurt them and you would be ticketed and arrested.They are all fixed and all have their shots.Volenteers feed them and take care of them.What this heartless man has done appalls me.I hope all his customers see this and are just as appalled.I hope his business ends up being shut down.I also hope he gets criminally charged for his actions.Not a very spiritual place when you murder the most spiritual animals created.


Cruelty to animals is just that cruelty, their is no race card to be played here, these people did what they did and the community reacted accordingly. Their disgraceful act would be just as disgraceful no matter the color of their skin.


I am totally horrified that the people who own Monroe therapeutic massage so heartlessly trapped innocent animals and then the ones they did trap were given over to be euthanized and who were not bothering anyone.This Feral colony's of cats had been being taken care of by people who actually have compassion and empathy for animals and they should not be made to seem like the bad guy.If this business wanted to help,they could have taken up a donation to have the cats trapped neutered and released back to the area they were living,they could have taken pictures of the cats and posted them so people could have adopted them.Feral cats when taken in to loving homes make awesome pets,they are thankful for warmth,food and love .,I know because I took in a feral cats an old beat up boy and he was the best cat ever.And if they think by removing the cats that were there will take care of what they deemed a problem it won't and it's a fact other feral cats will just repopulate the area.This crazy lady who in essence fated these cats to a certain death. :cry .She could have done so many things different but in fact she was just thinking about herself and making money and couldn't be bothered to see that by helping these cats she would have been helping her business.On the bigger scale of things there are more animal lovers than haters,and just because she has a cat,which I'd hate to be her cat doesn't excuse her pathetic excuses for why she had the cats removed and killed,she stated the cats were pooing all over ,well cats are private pooers,no cats gona go take a poo in the middle of someone's lawn,they will go find dirt and bury it and as far as her comment about garbage being around from the awesome people who were feeding the cats,I highly doubt that was that case,I'd more than bet it's trash being blown around from people who littler driving down a road,kids walking what not,I think if the race card was played by anyone it was by Monroe and directed towards the people feeding it,maybe they were not dressed in their Sunday best to go out early in the morning to feed the cats and she felt like it was bad for her image to have people like that seen near her dump.Cats keep rats and nice population under control,how much ya wana bet she becomes overran with them in no time at all!. I can not wait for her business to fail,karma baby karma :roll

@Almeda Khx

Why do you keep referring to her the lady who fed the cats did not do anything to encourage the deaths of those cats. The massage therapy company is the responsible party that trapped and killed those cats.

It is an awful thing for any human to do to innocent animals who haven't done anything but try to survive. You will all answer to God for destroying his creation.

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JAM Photographie (JAM Photography) - Very unprofessional & disappointing!

Update by user Oct 16, 2012

Jacksonville, FL

Original review posted by user Oct 16, 2012
I hired this photographer to take pics of my family. When she was "done", she posted about 95 pics on FB - the majority of which were things like scenery, macros of flowers, etc. Nice enough but, not really what we'd hired her to do. Maybe 5 total usable shots of the family. She acknowledges she took LOTS more but, she says she only gives us those she considers the best & refused to even let us SEE the others. This wasn't our agreement & it wasn't described that way in the contract. In addition, almost 8 weeks AFTER she said the pics were done, we still hadn't rec'd the CD of images. Multiple excuses & promises to resend but, CD never arrived & she would never provide a tracking #. Ultimately, we had to make arrangements to go in person & get the CD. The few usable family photos we rec'd are nice enough but, we paid WAY too much to end up with so few. Overall, very unprofessional behavior.
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Here's a link to more complaints about JAM Photography (JAM Photographie, J.A.M Photography, J.A.M Photographie):****1465.html


She is unprofessional, she threatens her clients. She tells them the more they bother her about their photos the longer its going to take. She makes excuses and takes over six months to edit your photos.DO NOT BOOK WITH THIS COMPANY!!!


I am having the exact problem with her now. I hired her to take newborn pics within the 1st 2 weeks of birth.

She cancelled me several times and it took 4 weeks to get her to do the shoot. Since then she has been avoiding my calls. She has had my pictures for months now and refuses to give them to me. On top of that she raised the price of her package after i hired her and is telling me i have to pay the increased amount or shes going to delete my pictures even though i have a contract that states the org price we agreed apon.

Org i was to get 10 images and the rights to all the pics she has taken to print on my own at a later date. Now she is saying i will get 10 pics for 400 and only get the rights to the 10 pics i pick?! So now i either must pay 200 for 10 pictures.. yes 10...

or i lose my org. 200 deposit.

This has been the worste experience ever. Very frustrated and disappointed ..

@unhappy client

Correction.. im being told to pay and additional 200 which makes the fee a total of 400 for 10 pics....


We also had a very disappointing experience with JAM photographie (Jennifer), on more than one occasion! Unfortunately, I made the mistake of booking multiple sessions up front so I have been dealing with so many issues with her.

She doesn't return phone calls, texts, FB messages. She cancelled sessions at the last minute and weeks would go by before she scheduled anything again, making excuse after excuse. Regretfully, I had recommended her to a couple friends (before knowimg what a nightmare she is) who also used her for pictures, and I was told IN WRITING that I got 20% off for each referral but then when I went to pay she wouldn't honor the discounts. She takes FOREVER to edit pics and get them back to you (over a month!) and expects you to come to her and pick up the disc in person.

I live 30-45 min away. Finally when she agreed to send them through Dropbox online, she told me they were uploading but I never got the link from her and didnt hear from her again for almost 2 more weeks,'after I called and messaged her numerous times. She is so unprofessional. I still have one more session to use(already paid the deposit) but I am going to forfeit that $$ bc I refuse to deal with her any more.

I'd rather pay someone else at this point. I hope more people post their experiences with her because I have heard TONS of negative things about her and her so called business!


Thanks for posting. Sounds like our experiences were very similar (unfortunately).

We live over 2 hours away so, when she never sent the CD as promised, it was a HUGE inconvenience. Finally had to get a friend who lives near Jacksonville to go & pick up the CD from her & mail to it me. Also, when I pressed her to allow me to see the other pics she'd taken, she finally agreed (after a LOT of wrangling) but, only if I'd come in person to view them & then said she would only give me the additional pics if I paid her more $.

I declined.


I had a similar experience with JAM Photographie (JAM Photography). Prior to booking our session, I spoke at length to Jennifer (owner/photographer) & explained that we wanted family photos.

I explained MANY times that we didn't need them to be edited, cropped, etc. Just as many shots as possible during the time we'd allotted. She verbally agreed to this but afterwards, would only provide the shots she considered to be "the best". We weren't asking her to do ANY extra work - only give us the photos she'd already taken.

She refused. In addition, she posted our pics on FB & despite my repeated requests that she remove them, she never did.

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We rented a 5x8' trailer to move some items from VA to GA. On New Years Eve at 8:00pm, the trailer's tire went flat within 10 miles of the facility we rented from. We immediately called customer service & after several phone calls, we were advised that they were unable...
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Who moves with a two year old in the cab of a uhaul in freezing temps? I hope the child doesn't grow up to be like the father!

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Kim Alessi - jewelry is junk, horrendous customer service

I purchased 3 Kim Alessi white gold rings inlaid with pink tourmaline stones to be worn stacked. After only being worn a few times, the rings lost several stones. I 1st tried to contact the company through their website but, rec'd no response. I then called & was advised to return the rings for repair and/or replacement, which I did. Several weeks went by before I heard from them - I was then told that the rings were not repairable & since they were no longer working with the company that manufactures the rings, there was "nothing they could do". I replied that the rings had only been worn a few times & not under harsh circumstances & if they could lose stones so easily, there was clearly an issue with the design and/or quality of the ring. Under these circumstances, I felt that I should receive at least a partial refund or replacements. They refused. Very disappointing! Then, after all that transpired (above), Kim Alessi didn't return my rings to me. On 1.21.08, I sent a certified letter requesting their return. Over 1 month later, I'd rec'd no response & at that point, I contacted the Better Business Bureau. Kim Alessi finally replied to the BBB indicating that they would not return my property unless I sent them additional money for "shipping & handling"! They further indicated that they would be "destroying the rings" if I didn't send them the money by 6.1.08. So, now they have my money (over $320.00) AND the rings & want me to send them even MORE cash to have MY OWN property returned?? I suppose it shouldn't be surprising that a company with such sub-standard products & terrible customer service can't afford to spend 41 cents to return property to a customer they ripped off for over $300. These were NOT marketed as costume jewelry & it is reasonable to believe they would last longer than a few wearings - I have rings I've worn every day for YEARS that never lost a stone. To pay this kind of money only to have them fall apart a short time later is a disgrace. Worse, to have the company so completely refuse any type of compensation is appalling. Don't let the same thing happen to you! Save your money!
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What was the number that you used? I purchased their necklace and within a couple of months it began turning a copper shade.

I cleaned it w jewelry cleaner and the copper stain got larger. I would like to contact them also.

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