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The Crack Doctor is a Terrible Company and the Owner Michael Theriault is a Liar and a Fraud

I hired a company in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada called "The Crack Doctor" in order to fix my foundation problem and I was happy to see the owner - Michael Theriault personally come to my house. Initially, Michael Theriault was polite and well spoken, but his demeanor kept changing and getting worse with every visit. He seemed to do very little during his visits, made strange comments and was somewhat agitated while working. I saw Michael Theriault drinking out of a dark canister but could not see what it was. I paid Mr Theriault for the entire invoice and thought nothing of it other than what a very strange person he was to deal with. However, once the snow began to melt, I began to collect more water than ever before in my basement and it was even worse when it started to rain as well. I never had such a problem with my foundation before Michael Theriault and his Crack Doctor team showed up. The entire ordeal became the biggest nightmare of my life and dealing with Michael Theriault quickly became the worst experience of my life. Michael Theriault is nothing but a lying *** Artist. I would not recommend Michael Theriault or the Crack Doctor to my worst enemy.
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I would like others to contact me as my husband and I are looking into a class action lawsuit. We have already obtained a judgement against this company.

@Reagen Nnh

How do I reach you? I want to join the class law action.

@Glena Iww

Please message me privately, if you can...if not, I will send you my email

@Glena Iww


@Reagen Nnh

Hi Tracey. I'd love to speak/email with you, as we have not been able to have this same company honour our lifetime warranty. Did you proceed with your lawsuit?


Email is above


Also experiencing similar concerns with the crack doctor and Michael Theriaut owner of the crack doctor in ottawa.


I contracted Michael Theriault of the Crack Doctor in Ottawa to do some work and repairs in my basement after meeting him in a downtown bar this past summer (2017). He said he owned the company and would give me a great price to fix a problem I didn't even know I had.

During the entire fall season, water started to leak into my basement. I never had water leaking into my basement in the past and it all started after hiring Michael Theriault from the Crack Doctor in Ottawa. Every time I call Michael Theriault to complain he just keeps making up stories about what could be causing the water to come into my house all of a sudden and then tries to get me to go out on a date with him. He keeps asking me to go to Asian restaurants and so on and all I want him to do is fix the problem he caused and then refund me the money I paid him to damage my house.

Michael Theriault reminds me a much smaller and unsuccessful Donald Trump. He continuously spews out B.S., makes up stories that suits him at the time while pretending to be very smart and sophisticated and constantly lying to your face. He doesn't even know how everyone at the bar he goes to laughs at him and can't stand him.

I should have listened to the other patrons and just stayed away from him but I want him to fix what he broke and my money back and I definitely "Do Not" want to go out with him! Who would?


he's married geesh


I hired Michael Theriault and the Crack Doctor in Ottawa to do some work on the foundation of my home. I didn't know or think I needed any work done on the foundation of my home until I met Mr.

Theriault and he informed me of the serious foundation issues I had, only to find out later from a reputable contractor that I never had any issues with my foundation and it was all a scam. As we met via the dating website ( Elite for Singles ) and he'd been a long time patron on the dating site, I thought I could trust him. He portrayed himself as a very lonely but successful business owner.

I can't believe I paid Michael Theriault all of that money only to find out he did nothing but cosmetic work to the foundation in order to make it look like he did something. Never trust anything coming out of the mouth of Michael Theriault or anyone involved with "The Crack Doctor" company, a total liar and big time scammer.

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The Crack Doctor Foundation Repair
  • Worst experience in my life - it was a nightmare
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