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Facebook - Restricted over misunderstanding

Right before Thanksgiving while my family can't get together I've been banned for three days (it's how I keep up with most extended family and kinda how we are keeping touch this year). The problem is Im banned for bullying when I wasn't bullying. A woman called me an expletive, I directed her the same way back, she said it again, and then reported me I guess. So no one including her calling me this name was bullying, just being rude. She was rude, I repeated her, she went on to say it again and was mad, so she reported me. Then I was banned for teling someone NOT to make jokes about hillbillies, their whole thread was demeaning, and I think I said white trash (not calling anyone it and *** I am a bit cus fowhite trash myself) because I'm from Appalachia. I was banned for hate speech, why? If everytime someone gets upset with me and decides reporting me is good revenge I'll get restricted for days the fb review process needs to improve because I didn't violate standards. I see literal racial slurs and disgusting things that literally violate hate speech, sexism, and other rules, but they never get taken down. Crazy alt right posts that at most get a fact check. So show me some love for the holidays and review that comment, and do somethin about the comment where I'm labeled as using hate speech for what, using the term white trash and saying not to make fun of a culture that I'm a part of? Come on ya'll.
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