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House Furniture Outlet .com SCAM!!!!!

House Furniture Outlet is a scam. Please beware they use money pak and you can't get your money back (they say they will use a credit card, but when it's all said and done it's money pak) They use Craigs List to direct you to their web page (they create a new one every month), They also use a fake Better Business Bureau Web Page Link. They will never deliver the product! I got Scamed on a greenhouse, and since I have seen others get scammed on 1-2 thousand! They use an address of a company that is not associated with the web page, so if you go pick it up they will have never heard of them. Scam goes on every month PLEASE don't fall for it! Their web page looks the same every month and the products and the same at the same price every month.
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onsalefurnituredepot - they are all over craigs list - over all regions.

As a response to the craigs list request - Natalie Romberg send sa web site with deals all over it - which requires a GreenDot money.

A couple weeks after - you figure out - this was a simple SCAM - - no reply on e-mail, phone calls, 2 weeks later somebody's order even gone from their's web site


Did some research and finally found some reviews and everyone has been ripped off. One of the reviews said they rcvd.

a call back from a "Natalie Ramberg". I went to BBB of Fargo, ND where this company is to said to be from and they show nothing. Going to Angie's List and the Fed Trade Comm.

and file a complaint. Please do not send your money to this site.


I was just about to purchase a bedroom set from and I decided to do some research. Thank God!!! They also use Green Dot Money Pak so I have to assume they are a scam.


My sorority was scammed by "Nationwide Furniture". We purchased 2 leather living room groups from them and have no just found out that we have been scammed.

We have been working to get the money back, but are having NO LUCK so far!

MoneyPaks gave me a name of the person the money went to. I'm calling the police and pressing charges if MoneyPaks can't get the money back to me/my sorority.


Wow. After searching for info.

about Online Clearance House- I was so grateful to hear of your experience. We were about to buy a new set of leather family room furniture from them. We've been saving up for a long time.

Thank-you for being aware of the importance of helping others who might be taken advantage of by these awful people. I would love to see them get caught for their stealing and dishonesty.



Remember this all goes back to Greendot MoneyPak, which is a way to send money but there is no way to identify WHO gets the money, all that is needed is an account code.


What I have experienced was not an actual place (they claim to represent a real place, but there is no affialiation, they change their name monthly).So I guess if you went buy the place they CLAIM to be they will have no clue who you are... Our scam starts on craigslist and then they send you an e-mail referring you to a web page that looks official, but is fake, presently (under the name Online Clearance House) they are doing the same thing, but referenceing a image of a ebay account (but they say they are not actually posting on ebay)


oh i see you are the only one who got anything from clearance i bought 2 grills for $1300 dollars and have got nothing where di you pick up the shed and when it is 1/19/10 thank you for your help


The website was


Please help! I think I was scammed!

I didn't follow up with any research until I couldn't get any responses. I purchased a sauna from them.

Is there a way to get my money back? Where is their warehouse?

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