Rosie c Zad

Epson - They never work

A brand new xp430. printed maybe 20 pages then ink runs out. Never ever was able to connect Wi-Fi. I spent hours of my valuable time Trying to get this piece of *** printer to work. Bought brand new ink didn't print at all. Did all the *** stuff,u clean nozzle. Check inserted correctly, etc,etc. We should be able to be respected and appreciated as consumers for these greedy corporations and executives to make sure that if I buy it, it actually works and lasts. Not make things so they break and Epson makes more money deceiving their fellow citizens.Had also purchased there expensive photo printer Which Never Worked and since *** selfish best buy gives a minute for refund, for busy customers who actually work and don't have time returning fake *** gadgets.No money, sent to Epson, they could care less.
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  • Your products suck

Preferred solution: Full refund

User's recommendation: Do not buy Epson, complain to the company and forget best buy. If their is a class action suit join it.