Guam location hire.

11-14-2020 I Augustina Dahilig, I had been referred me to Riza the manager at Jeans warehouse at the mall. As she is currently my sister in law Kaitlyn Garthe’s Boss.

Riza messaged Michelle on March 07, 2020 in regards to interviewing me on March 08, 2020 around 3pm. During the time while I was filling out my application Riza and Vangie was interviewing me at the same time. She told me she would contact me, Riza contacted me to start on Monday but, do to my employer at Hilton I had to put my 2 weeks in and could not guarantee I would be there Monday at 2pm, She told me during our conversation to come in on Wed at 2pm, I turned in my Resignation at Hilton And quit the same day I had to be at Jeans Warehouse. When I went to Jeans WareHouse, My mother in law walked in with me, While she looked around in the store, I stood by the desk waiting for Vangie to get off the phone, As I was going to help the cashier She than hung the phone and stated Vangie- “oh, Riza didn’t call you?” Me- No?!

Vangie- (speaking Out loud) Ohh, She was supposed to call you, because due to the Covid we don’t know if the mall (agana shopping Center) will be closing. So we couldn’t hire you. Me

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