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Short Review on April 04, 2017

Rude people at NationalWide Furniture
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Poor customer service
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Acceptance Now - Furniture Leasing Review

I made a purchase at National Wide furniture in Detroit, the worst experience of my life!! This was October 2016, I said I would make payments on the 3rd of every month, my intention was to pay it off in 90 days, big mistake not being able to pay it off. I get calls from the 26-27th day of every month "friendly reminders", I'm often referred to as "honey or OK baby", I'm well over 50! The furniture is of shoddy quality! I was told it would be replaced or repaired?!! Never happened since calls in November,January,February,March, each time I've been put on a list! This is a crock of bs! I was also told my deposit never went through but it was a debit, and immediately deducted! If that's the case why do they accept my monthly payments! My advice RUN! It's not worth it! You're paying triple the price! I told them I was hospitalized for chemo, calls continued payment 1 day late! With family, a death, calls all the way to the day of the funeral in the procession! 1day until the 3rd! What the ***! RUN, run,run!!
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I really don't believe that my situation will be resolved


Okay so if that is not how you want a customer to feel. Then change your staff, I am in Louisville, ky and went through what was supposed to be an un contested divorce so I got an apt, and went to value city to get furniture and acceptance now was who I had to go through.

I was told that it was a lease to own and never told that I could not return the furniture unless it is in new condition. go figure the divorce turned ugly and I could not make the payments. I called and told them what was going on and after 3.5 months I finally got someone to schedule it for pick up only to wait for several hours being told a reg manager would be calling me. Then began a new nightmare Jennifer Wilson now I am being belittled for personal choices in my life and should have never got that much furniture and told only in new condition will be picked up.

I ended the call and requested only emails on what my choices are.

now several days later still nothing. This furniture has been sitting on the office side of my apt not used for months how is it now in new condition without them even looking at it.

@Edwin Butler

Yeah, I'm still waiting on the "District manager" to call me, because the ppl in the MAIN office are so concerned that my issue is taken care of?! So I'm glad I know NOW that it has to be in New condition, how the *** am I supposed to use something and keep it new!

If my kitchen table and chairs were the ones I chose in the store maybe it wouldn't have fell apart! Sorry for all of us that got SCAMMED!!


Hello, I work for Acceptance Now. We never want our customers to feel this way and we'd appreciate discussing your concerns further so we can do our best to address them.

Please give our customer care team a call at 1-80*-***-****. Thank you.


Thanks, I have talked with someone who is looking into my situation. Sorry I didn't mean to offend the whole company, just my experience. I'm looking forward to talking with management.


My mistake,I don't owe your company an apology! I owe myself a report/complaint to the BBB and attorney general!

So sorry I posted that misleading reply, you are going to do nothing except call me about a payment! I'll pay when my furniture is replaced, the staff changes, oh...And when management does their job.....Oops never!


the worst company ever!!!!! You should change your employer I would never want to be associated with such disgusting customer service.

No one can answer your questions and all you ever hear is I'm not able to that or I don't have access , "Sorry for that". Horrible Horrible!!!!! But don't ever miss a payment by one day because they make sure they're on that....... Broken furniture should be replaced when you're paying extra for warranty.

When the technician states " oh definitely cannot be fixed will BE REPLACED NO WORRIES". Yeah ok , you follow up and are told complete opposite , and they cannot override the techs notes that said it wasn't a manufacturer issue. Well when you sit on a love seat and the wood breaks and you sink, what is that called ? because in my world that's not a scam .....

it's clearly a manufacturer issue. Thanks again Mr.

Tech guy you did a great assessment , I bet you're employee of the year for least repairs and replace. I will be reporting you as well for sitting on my drums and playing them since you just started taking lessons!!!!!!!!


Well maybe you guys should follow up like you say and please please get that rancid staff some people person training! And stop that 4-5day courtesy call, who can forget that humongous bill!?

Too many promises and no action from the main office, the only reply I got was from the other Pissed customers on here!! Wish I knew about this site first!!

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Acceptance Now Furniture Leasing
Reason of review
Poor customer service