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Very poor Craftsmanship at the Last Best West

Do not purchase a hat from these folks. The Hatter by the name of Longfellow is very unskilled at his profession. I bought a custom hat ($400) from them and it was so poorly done I had to take it to someone else to make it even wearable. His abilities were poor and attention to detail and quality were absolute the worst anyone has ever see. These are comments from other hatters I took my hat to to have it fixed. Hat was crooked, undersized and cut incorrectly. What a huge disappointment. Buyer beware, you can do much better from just about anyone.
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ive been wanting a vin tanner hat since i was a kid and im a gonna order one of these hats so excited lol i want the gun riggin too this site is awesome dad is gettin one too


Buddy you must be naive. I have 5 of their hats and they are all amazing.

And really, what did you think another hatter would say? Do you really expect GM to praise a Ford?

Grow up. It sounds like you have no idea what a good hat is.


:grin Hmmmm - I went onto the site for the last best west and they have hundreds and hundreds of great testimonials, and just this one sour grapes whine. Probably a guy who's never happy anyway. I'll still be buying a hat from them they look amazing!


Or it could be a guy who knows what to expect from a new hat and received one of Longfellow's culls. Something just lying around and used for practice.

All the positive feedback is what prompted me to buy the 50%. Hardly an investment. I'm not whining. A lot of people would be embarrassed to admit they had been taken.

Something's you may not notice right out of the box. I agree , my hat is cull. Its junk.I used to work on western ranches, a good wind would probably finish this cull.

They have an eye candy website though. What I tell folks after I show them my hat is "its a good thing they're not the last because they sure ain't the best"

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Larry H Miller Toyota Murray - Larry H Miller Toyota is a liar and incompetent

I took in my 2006 Tacoma for service and during their 60K service (which cost over $500) they put in five quarts of oil on top of what was already in the engine. Resulting in 10 quarts of oil. Called the Toyota rep which they sent me back to the dealer. Dealer refused to do anything about it. All I asked was a credit for the $30 oil change and they refused. Dealer rep at Larry H Miller Toyota of Salt Lake City (which his name was Joseph Smith !!!!) was a liar and a cheat. I highly recommend never going to their dealership as you will be mislead, cheated and lied to. PS... His basketball team sucks as much as his dealerships.
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My wife and I have been given the run around and treated so unethically by L H Miller in riverdale, that I am looking into a lawsuit. 2 years ago, my wife and I bought a brand new Chrysler 200 S from them, and it has been nothing but a mess ever since.

The very 1st week, our brakes started making noise and running hot, so I took it in. I was told that it was a new vehicle, and just brake dust. I decided to give it a few weeks, but the problem got so bad that our neighbors would wake up each time we backed out of our driveway. My wife brought the car in for the 1st oil change, and the rep told her that she would just have to deal with it because it was not a safety issue.(complete sexism)That didn't fly with me, so I went right back in the next day and approached the same rep.

I have extensive automotive experience, and when I told him this, he suddenly backpeddled and said that they would fix it.(Zach was the rep) They told us that it was the brake pads, and replaced them, but only after 3 more times of going in and having them just spray off the brakes or grind down the rotors. I was pissed about them grinding down the rotors, and when the noise continued, I made sure that they replaced them since the car was still under the complete warranty and was still making the dang noise. Long story short, I brought the car in over 27 different times over the past 2 years, and they still have not fixed the problem. The final time, I told them they had better fix it, or I am going to lemon law the car.

The week before, I started having engine issues with it dying while I was driving, and barely made it to the dealership just in time for them to tell me that the head gasket was blown and they had a recall on it.(WTF, no notice was sent, but it was eventually fixed) After warning of using the lemon law, they finally said that they knew that this was an issue with the 200's, and put on some aftermarket brakepads. That noise improved, but never went away. I put up with it because it had improved, for another 6 months before finally bringing it in yesterday because it had gotten bad again. This time though, they said that they were no longer going to "Goodwill" any more work on the car, because it is an issue with all 200's and they have replaced the pads 3 times.

I didn't realize that a warranty is a Goodwill fix, but apparently, I paid nearly $30,000 as a favor to have them treat me poorly in the future. Their manager, Darren Erwin; literally told me that he had done me a favor by talking to Chrysler on the phone 3 times in the past 2 years. Wow, I didn't realize that doing *** job was a favor, and I made sure to thank him for being paid to do his job. He then described to me the exact situation that the noise was happening, and told me that he knew this because it happens on all new 200s.

I couldn't believe that he was doing this, and he explained that they were bad cars and that the dealership was aware of the issue but was not going to do a thing about it for ANY of us. I asked if they were telling any of the potential and new buyers about the problem, and he said,"Absolutely not." When I asked him why, he said because not every single one does it, just the majority. Something else to note, my 2 year warranty that came with the vehicle, just happens to be up tomorrow. WHAT A JOKE OF A DEALERSHIP!!

I have never been treated with more disrespect, from the buying process to this final joke of a conversation with the manager. Needless to say, I have cancelled my annual season tickets with the Jazz, forever, and they will learn that word of mouth is a lot more expensive than not fixing the *** problem the first time.


We were lied to at the Riverdale store, we had the car for two weeks they called us to change the contract and needed to finish the work with the bank. We had signed contracts !

We ended up returning the car.

they are liars and cheats. We returned the car because of the many lies were caught them in.


I recently had problems with the branch in Albuquerque when I brought my Hyundai in for recall issues. I asked them to look at the ac because it was also out. They wanted to do a test which they said would cost $120 and said that they expected to have to order in a part that would total over $300. I had an appointment, but had to wait an additional two hours beyond their latest estimate to find out this info.

I said I'd have to wait to get the ac fixed and went to my usual guy. He said that the problem with my ac was that the fan had come unplugged. He plugged it back in for nothing, thus saving me $420 dollars.

I asked if there was anyway they could have missed that and he said he doubted it. They were just trying to conn me.


Amen brother... But I'd go a step further, anything that has Larry H.

Miller, Miller or Larry or any affiliation with any of the above (Sorry Larry's and Millers's)... they're all bad, I bought a van from a used dealership of theirs and they gave me one key. I asked why not two and he said I didn't need two, I was only getting one van. I wanted to knock the guy out.

Then he said if it was a deal breaker I could come in on Monday and get a new key made... what he didn't say is that since it was an electronic key it would cost me $120 and conveniantly I on Monday I had surpassed by 72 hour window to return the car.

I won't ever buy a car from the LHM "family" and if he was still alive he'd better pray I didn't "know" him.

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Moab, Utah