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INTERPLAY SERVICES INC unclaimed prize division

Interplay #82770
I got my letter today, however it was from Reader's Digest, Inc.

Things that started making me wonder and start my research:

1. The check was made out to a false name that I've only used for 2 weeks, a name I use for things on the internet whereas the letter said the drawing was held Feb. 21, 09.

2. Attached is a check for $3,723 to pay Govt. Service Tax (GST) and insurance, then the next line is Total amount of $2,999.10 to be paid through Western Union. That just didn't make sense to me.

3. The letter is a form letter, no "Dear Ms." no greeting whatsoever.

4. the envelope it was sent in had no return address.

So I started doing some research and not only found this article, but also found out that neither Reader's Digest nor PCH have offices at the address on the letter. When I called the "File Agent" listed on the letter about the difference in name, they said they could "issue another check, however you will have to pay $980. up front for us to do so." That right there screamed "fraud" to me. So when I told him I could not afford to pay for a check to be reissued, he requested I send the check back
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