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Elite Logistics Company - Elite Logistics Group of Franklin TN - Bad Business

Do not use Elite Logistics Group of Franklin TN for your logistics needs. They give inaccurate quotes and then leave you out to try with the carrier. Anything you ship comes back on you as the shipper. In this case Elite Logistics collected money from us for the shipment and because the bill for the shipment was more than what they charged us they didn't pay it. Then we get a bill from Averritt Express 6 months later wanting payment for a shipment we had already paid Elite Logistics for. We contacted Elite Logistics and they informed us they were working on it. We contact them several times after this and they continue to put us off. Averritt Express then turns us in to collections for this shipment. We contact Elite Logistics again and they lie and tell us they paid the amount we sent them to Averritt and then they lie and tell us they billed us for the difference. To add insult to injury they then tell us that they are washing their hands of the issue. What I don't understand is why we had to get an invoice from Averritt before we knew there was a problem. If you use Elite Logistics you will be subject to misquotes, misrepresentations, and at the end of the day you will be the one left holding the bag.
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What a bunch of idiots.


Mark you really need to stop peertending you are me because you are so stuipd. Because people can see where its from and we all know you live in Tn. you must be so scared that you have to lie and pertend to be someone eles..


you are a complete lier you have no prrof in fact i can assure you, loads were taken along with fuel then changed loads and comcheck after comcheck for food and problems, to say somone owes or stole 50,000 is crazy. i have offered to email myself and or my atorney to you.

Yet all you want to do is keep sending messages on this *** website i have sent you my phone number my email address if i owe you money then show me or go to the police as far as walt he is way off base.

the compnay elite has been closed for over two years everything in the closer of the company was done in accordance with the law. Im not sure why or how you two think but both of you are crazy.


Walt I emailed you just waiting on you.


Ok scamship I will email you. I see they are trying to make laura smiley look bad but I have talked to her to she lives not to far from me and she has emailed all the emails she has gotten from mark plamer and he is being a *** to her.

I feel everyone here needs to stop him from this.

she is very ill and he even said that he hopes is goes to ***. So I will email and we can talk more.


I love it when stuipd people try to be me. You must be so dum all people have to look at is where it comes from.

I live in tx and all the other ones yyou see are from ky or tn. that is so funny.


you are a *** balls call the number you big ***


i have no proof and im ***. lol..yea thats me sorry. i owe everyone money...


Walt you talk big behind we ship, i think your comments are a lie, dont you think it is odd i post my phone number yet no one calls it to say elite ripped them off. if you have what it takes call me i would like to see the proof you have since you put in writting that Elite was a compnay uner investigation...they have not shipped a shipment in over 2 years dummy..

call the number 615-506-****


my name is Tom and i dont know what im saying 1/2 the dumb and i do things when i drink to much...hey it happenes.

please forgive me

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