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Acw Technologies - FREE Jarvis LITE Download - Andy Wood Donation SCAM

I got scammed by this guy too! He made got me for over 300 dollars on my Credit card. Marked them as "donations" and it turns out that is how to get away with it. PayPal does not reverse or dispute donations so I'm out all my cash. I don't have credit card protection, so dealing with was a BIG MISTAKE. If you want to light your money on fire, this is the guy. BEWARE of the Jarvis Lite software donation scam. They are in the UK and can not be touched by US Laws. Just a crook that steals from good people. Put the word out there, anyone who wants to use Jarvis LITE or there game score kit- You will regret it. So will your checking account! Sincerely, Simon Jaffas, another ripped off customer of Andy Wood and Jarvis LITE
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How strange that all these comments and indeed this post are structured almost identically gramatically, with 2 of which choosing to point out the irrelevant detail that it is a UK based company.unlike the 1 other comment below- for they are all clearly composed by the same person- i will speak plainly. I am ToastedToasty , the same such person that commented a lengthy counter argument to the prior review


That sucks. Andy Wood got me last week for his software.

I am in dispute with PayPal now. I was told I would be billed a 25$ Donation to get his LITE software. After I got my bank Emails. He charged me 250$ from the UK.

Not what he said at all. Now I see he has done this same SCAM to others. Someone should stop this Jarvis LITE DONATIONS to the UK SCAM. I got took, and I work very hard for my money.

Andy Wood, Shame on you! -

Bonnie Taylor,

Also taken by Andy WOOD's PayPal Donation Scam.


They got me for over 200$ before I could stop them. DO NOT DONATE to unless you want to get ripped off!

There software sucked, and it was all just to get my CC #. Once they got that, I never got an Email response from them again! What a Scam!

FRAUD. Andy Wood you should be locked up for what you have done!

Mary Coulsen, Ny, NY


I am so sorry to hear that Andy is still up to his old tricks. I wrote the BBB about them, but they hide in the UK so the USA has to let it go. Spread the word, DON'T DONATE to you will get screwed every time!

Simon Jaffas

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Shut the Scammer Down. Jarvis Lite is a SCAM to get DONATIONS