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Poor *** Chinese Hardwoods - DO NOT BUY

LW Flooring #1302507
The following response is being provided to address any potential concerns regarding the product quality or customer service standards of LW Flooring, primarily regarding the concerns brought forward by Mr. Justin Campo:
Mr. Campo, a homeowner and consumer, previously filed a lawsuit against LW Flooring, our customer and the installer which he independently contracted for installation of his floors in the Fall of 2016. On Feb. 20th, 2017, Mr. Campo filed a voluntary dismissal of this case and has acknowledged that his claims against the quality of LW Flooring's products were unwarranted.
Per Mr. Campo, the popping and cracking sounds in the floor have been addressed and repaired as suggested by professionals. The repair was completed by drilling a small hole in several planks and injecting adhesive to fill the void between the flooring and the subfloor which was substantially uneven and lacked the proper amount of adhesive from the original installation.
As a result of this incident, LW Flooring will strive to create awareness for our current and future customers, and additionally their consumers, of the importance of working with certified and professional flooring contr
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