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Ford - Does this sound like a scam or what?

I recently ordered a brand new car. After waiting for several weeks, it finally came in damaged. I won't go into too many details just yet as I am waiting for the replacement to come & don't want to mess it up any worse than they are going to. I was asked to bring in the survey that was going to come in the mail for this vehicle I purchased & returned due to damages. They said that it would go with the vehicle to whoever purchased it next. (We tore up the paperwork & reordered) Doesn't that survey belong to me and me alone? Isn't that about MY sales experience? Not the next sorry sucker who walks through the door & purchases the second rate veh they tried to pass off on me? It's my feeling that they are trying to keep me from giving them a bad review? Am I wrong? Or am I right? And believe me, once this issue is resolved, I have a whole nightmarish story to share. Lessons to be learned. etc. I REALLY should have just pnied up for the extra 15k it would have take for the brand new Chevy Suburban.
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Yes, they are just trying to get the survey from you so they can fill it in themselves. If you really want to pursue the issue contact ford and let them know what your dealer is trying to do.

Dealerships have big issues with surveys because they get dinged for bad ones. Is it the dealerships fault or is it Ford's issue that you are so mad about?

If you feel the dealership is at fault one big way to hurt them is with your survey. I don't know how they could have prevented the damage though.

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