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Tom Mckenzie Prospexx Integrated Capital

This man takes fees under various guises saying he is a reputable lender and can find funds personally and via contacts.He then spends considerable time making out he is going through some sort of process with always the same conclusion that he can not find funds. Do not pay him fees whoever he says he is in contact with it is a lie and if you have paid him join one of the groups on the Internet that are going to take him to court. Tom Mckenzie has been doing this for some time with different web sites varying addresses usually Fort Erie or Port Colbourne Ontario Beware it is a long running scam.
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Something has changed but has anything else from what I have seen?

Type his name in your search engine.

The world is avery small place with the Internet.

One can run but they can't hide.



It is a general doctrine of law in all jurisdictions that making false public

statements against a person or firm is illegal. Commonly known as “slander” (when

verbal) or “libel” (when written), false statements to damage someone’s reputation is

called “defamation”. Defamation is defined by various laws in clear and uniform

terms: “Provably false statements of verifiable fact, that serve to undermine or

damage someone’s reputation.” It is no defence to phrase a false statement as an

“opinion”, one’s “own experience”, or as some alleged “consumer complaint”. As

long as the comments contain some false statements of fact that could be verified as

false and could or should be known to be false, then it is defamation, and it is illegal.

All defamation is illegal, and law suits against false defamers are highly

successful and collect substantial damages from the wrongdoers. Written

defamation (which applies to the Internet) is punished harshly, and damages usually

do not need to be proven, as they are assumed by law due to the written exposure to

the public. Defamation falsely accusing of fraud or professional misconduct is even

more severely punished by “treble damages” and “punitive damages”, which can be

enormous amounts of money far beyond any expected real damages to the victim.

All defamation to enforce demands is criminal as extortion or blackmail,

which are serious federal crimes in all countries. Extortion (in the USA), also called

Blackmail (in the UK), is defined in various laws in uniform terms: “Threats or

actions to damage a person’s reputation, to enforce a demand for anything the

person is not obligated to give.” Defamers who use false unlawful defamation on the

Internet, to enforce demands of things not owed to them, are committing a serious

crime. If a person is entitled to something, they are required by law to use normal

lawful “due process of law”, where an independent, objective and impartial court can

apply any signed contract that governs the transaction, if there ever was any. Using

criminal attacks by defamation to circumvent due process of law is highly illegal, and

indicates that the person defaming probably did something illegal or criminal to

sabotage the transaction by his own fault, if there ever was any transaction.

Defamers know that their false statements are illegal, and that false

defamation to enforce unlawful demands is criminal. This is why they make great

efforts to remain anonymous, to avoid both civil and criminal liability. Experience

shows that once an anonymous online defamer can be identified and their identity

exposed by a reply in that forum, they stop, disappear, or begin modifying their

statements to back-track on their lies.


That is the plan and it has Stillwaiting if you would like to be involved and think you cam help join the group and you can send a private message to me the more fees that are added together the better it will be We already have so very well documented related costs that this scam has been the direct cause of


Has anyone started actual legal proceedings against them?? Any class action suits or alerting the Canadian authorities??

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