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American Cleaners - Crooked As They Come

Crooked As They Come !!! I dropped off a brand new comforter to be cleaned and brought home a ratty blanket filled with more holes than piece of swiss cheese. After several trips to American Cleaners with my damaged merchandise, I was informed that they would neither reimburse or repair the damages. At this point, I asked to speak with the manager. I was informed that "Kevin" would contact me. Needless to say, I never heard from Kevin, and took the initiative to contact him directly. Despite the repeated voicemails I left for Kevin, he did not return any of my calls . After weeks of being ignored, I returned to American Cleaners and asked what Kevin's hours were. The employee looked at me like I was crazy, and said "NEVER". Apparently, Kevin is too busy managing nine (yes, NINE) dry cleaners to show up on site. I then requested Kevin's last name, which she refused to give me. Determined to speak with someone who would actually work with me to resolve this issue, I asked for the owners name and contact info. Again, this employee refused to provide me any pertinent information other than the owners first name, "Jody". Having exhausted all of my options, I left one final voicemail for Kevin, informing him that if he did not contact me, I would be forced to file a report with the Better Business Bureau. True to his nature, Kevin did not return my call, and I did ultimately file a complaint with the BBB. To date, American Cleaners continues to ignore several attempts made by the BBB to address this issue and the deadline to respond has now passed. At this stage, I have no other choice but to file for damages in small claims court. In sum, American Cleaners ruined a brand new comforter and refuses to take accountability. Under no circumstances will they address this issue with myself or the BBB. The unethical and unprofessional behavior exhibited by American Cleaners and it's staff is appalling and should serve as a stern warning to their existing and potential customers.
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American Cleaners is owned by Ashok Someshwar. American Cleaners, as well as Top Hat, is part of Joash Enterprises Inc. I hope that info will be helpful to you in filing your claim.



I am having the exact same experience with American Cleaners wrt some linen drapes that they shrunk. Though I did get to talk to Kevin. The 'net' of his response was "tuff luck" the Pottery Barn curtains have a tendency to shrink when cleaned.

Did you ever get the full name and contact info for the owner? I will be taking her [him] to small claims court.


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