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Microsoft - Xbox red rings of death come on!!!!

How long has the xbox 360 been on the market, shouldn't have the red rings of death been fixed by now?? I bought a unit in may 2008, with a target 3 year protection plan. It made it to Oct 2009 without a problem. Problem #1: disc drive error, called target, they sent me a prepaid shipping label and I sent to their repair facility, it was repaired and returned within 1 week. Problem #2: Three days after that, I got the infamous red rings of death, called target, sent out again, they just returned saying only microsoft will fix. Obviously, this is a major defect, they have since extended their warranty for this specific issue to three years. I had to go onto their website, create a login, register the unit, request repair, print and label, and ship to them. They sent me an email confirming my request. No where through this process do they say how long to repair, or if they replace unit, or what they do. Will I get a permanant repair, temporary repair, new unit, referbished replacement unit, what, and when? With the money that they have made on all the consumers who scrapped broken units and bought new ones, and paid for the expensive equipment and games, my feeling is they should have recalled all of the units, fixed the design issue and sent out new, non-defective units. I hope this hurts them in the next wave of new video game consoles, my next will be the playstation 3. So I lose out on a few games, but I gain a bluray and a unit that actually works.
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You people dissing video games are complete &*&holes, it's about the kids getting ripped off by gate's and co. They should be recalling these junk pieces of &*it. Yeah my kids play alot and by the way they are 14 and 11 with straight A's

perfect 4.0 gpa presidental awards for acedemic excellence its not the games it is the parents :( :(


so yeah mulch... big surprise you, "earns more in a month than you do in a day" I think you meant that you earn more in a day then the poster earns in a month?


You also spelled programmers and impossible incorrectly.... just sayin...


I am the person who runs 5 KM per day, spends 2 hours a day in a gym, has a gilfriend, speaks 3 languages, earns more in a month than you do in a day, am responsible for 18 programers and sys admins and has a life a *** of a lot better than you could imagine.

As to getting a hobby? If you hadn't figured it out by now this is my hobby. I used to come here to help people and do from time to time when a person has a real problem and not like yerself a made up one with impossiable demands and little hurt ego's.

Now go back to mommy and let the big people talk.


You know what target probably did??

Check the serial number of your unit. I bet they gave you an old 'refurbished' unit back. The newer units that have the Jasper boards do not cause the RROD.

So check the serial number and see if they actually gave back YOUR unit when they 'repaired' it.


Sam, a fat gamer says what? Its called an opinion.

You get yours, and others get theirs. If you support wasting your life by sitting in front of a tv watching the backside of an animated character walk around in a made up world, then go back into your moms basement and pretend to be a grownup.

I think you can TIVO the lost Star trek episodes, and have another hot pocket.


I agree with mulch. Get out of your mothers basement, and get a life. You "gamers" spend so many hours doing nothing. You waste your productivity and youth playing fantasy games. You are sad pathetic losers and the only way you can feel good is to vanquish some *** character in an online game.

Those of us in the real world are living real lives, and getting laid with real women. We do not need 3d anime hentai to get off alone.

The Japs couldnt defeat us in WWII, but they are beating us by addicting our young to video games, and making them ***. Their kids dont play, and make better grades. Looks like they are winning now.


Mulch- Who are you to say anything like that?? Are you just bitter that you havent got laid?? Go find another hobby other then belittleing people who want to make others away of problems they maybe be having!!!


Or you could get off your fat *** and go for a walk. Maybe read a book?

Maybe go out and get a life?

Who knows you might even find a girl and get laid? Ever thought of that?

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