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Drive Financial - *** *** people

my car was repo'd last night. i get it, i was behind. im not denying that. but yesterday morning i had just spoke with a lady named crystal who did a loan restructure. extended my loan. lowered the payment and interest rate. finally some much needed help. i should have known it was too good to be true. i get to work this morning to fax over the paper work and i get a call from my mother telling me, they came and picked up the car. why in the world would you spend an hour on the phone with me to work things out then turn around and take the *** car??? makes no sense. the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing at this place. they are all idiots. just because someone gets behind financially, doesn't give them the right to treat you like dirt.
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Jesus christ mulch.. Go *** yourself. Hmm Mulch, isn't that ***?

If your credit is so godlike, then why are you reading on here?


Not trying to sound like a ***, but maybe, they had already contracted your car out, and the repo company did their job before they were notified of the new development...


Mulch- You are such a hood rat!!! I bet you sit on your fat *** all day and you probably have no job and thats why you go around this site talking down to people because really YOUR the piece of ***


hmm i don't think you get the point of what i wrote. why in the world would they do a loan restructure to lower my interest and my payments, then that very same night they picked up the car?

i know i was behind and owed them. but why waste my time discussing and arranging new loan terms when they were just gonna come pick up the vehicle? im not mad that they took it. they had every right to, i was behind.

also i dont over extend myself and my credit rating is good. i was behind from late fees.


Yes it does give them the right to treat you like dirt. did you not read your contract when you signed it?

Lets say a friend of yours borrows $1000 and says he's going to give you $100 a month back for 10 months. No probs you say.

1st month nothing. 2nd month still nadda. 3rd month and not a dime. If you were me you'de call him up and demand your money. Well thankfully you are not me as I pay my bills on time. Never over extend myself and have a great credit rating.

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