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Hayden & Co will take your hard earned money

Our issue stemmed from day one when we were promised things upon moving into a rental unit that Hayden & Co. managed and they were not delivered. For one moving into this great new place to find that the unit was not completed or even had appliances. This was unacceptable for one we paid over $1700 in deposits. As time went on other issues arose, every time we called them for support they passed us off on someone else or didn't return our calls. They poorly managed the property. When "Management" needed something from us, to confirm something was wrong at the complex they called us to check into the situations. For this I expected a little better service in return, this never happened. During this time one of our deposits was forfeited, supposedly due to what they call "late" rent. We mailed our payments within the 1-5 day grace period only to find that they cashed the checks passed the 5 day period, resulting in late payments. No matter what I tried to do to get our money back the CEO of the company Mr. Benton Hayden continued to treat us unfairly and threatened I stop emailing him. And I am not even bringing up the security and saftey issues they didn't handle. I explained that if it didn't say that we would "lose" our money in our lease then how can they just take our money? I asked several times for 'proof' that it said that in our lease. Instead the CEO would change the topic and begin to say that he wouldn't help us no matter what. Below is word(s) from an email that the CEO himself sent me. "The money has been given to the owner anyway per our policy. This was not explained to you as a pet deposit. I have emails between me and you about discussion of getting more pets, and then having to put a deposit down. And after your little stunt with the review, email to Lori Swanson (who is the county housing attorney - I copied on the email), I dont care in anyway to pull strings and to help you with this. This matter is closed for a 3rd time. I ask you not to email me again or I will deem is harassment and will file with the police. If you don't like my decision, you have the courts to settle this"-Brenton Hayden
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You think he would have just paid the $400 to avoid all the bad press, kind of shows his true colors. This guy is a *** businessman.


He's obviously a *** artist lol that the comment section on his yahoo article "isn't working at the moment" Oh by the way I get Entrepreneur Magazine, for free, It is the biggest piece of *** rag I've ever read. No wonder this Hayden fellow is all tied up with them.

Mag: Gives us money well do a profile on saying your the next hot thing. :p


Why does this guy represent like he received real degrees from Harvard and MIT? When in fact, Harvard was a 5 day course and MIT a 6 day course.

Who are you kidding? Be who you are pal and people will accept you for you.

Take care


Where is the 'thumbs up?' because I certainly agree with you, fellow anonymous….he must know people are going to google him and find out how much he embellished his story. Yes, he attended a workshop at Harvard and MIT.

He worded the sentence the same way a bachelor degree holder would word it. Not good. Starting to think maybe daddy is other than a truck driver. That 900-dollar turns out to be 3000 dollars.

What else is not true? And five million in revenue will not hold him for life these days.


oh…guess my attempt to achieve anonymity failed.


Why is every post from from Okolona, Kentucky a compliment to Brenton, as well as Brenton's personal reply? Hmmm?


Has anyone ever looked into this guys true background?? It is amazing how a little financial backing and social media can give you the image that you are bigger than what is really behind closed doors.

First and foremost had it not been for Ryan Marvin's initial contribution of money Renters Warehouse would never gone anywhere. Notice we said Marvin as in Marvin Windows. A big name with deep pockets. It was the money that Marvin's family fronted in order to get him started. Brenton had not money and was bankrupt. Thats right he was bankrupt. Around 2010 Brenton filed for BK as he was flat broke. In 2010 Brenton had his real estate license revoked for fraudualuant and deceptive practices.

Later he was evicted from his Cloud 9 apartment complex and later his downtown Hot Properties office building. This is the same who claims to a property manager who is building a business in the rental management field without a real estate license. His BMW was repo'd about the same time as he could not afford the payments. I dont think he even had a credit score as it is so low.

Someone should really look deep into this and look past all the hype as the true colors will shine.

I compliment the sucess as it is truely amazing how no-one has ever brought this up to him.

Congrats. Living the lie is almost better than living the dream




He was suspended and then reinstated!! Lie as you want Hayden and we have met!!

I will come face to face again!! No Prob!!

By the way...the state does not keep bad records on file if they are wrong!! So YOU WERE WRONG AND CONDUCTED BUSINESS IN A WRONG WAY!!


All Brenton hayden employees are broke! He drives bentleys, and takes exotic trips.

His wife thinks she is kim kardashian!!!! Ashley hayden is over weight with fake ***! She has barley graduated highschool and now she says she is CFO??? wierd!

keep the bad reviews of this company as the benefit NO ONE in this world!!!! ASHLEY KNIGHT AND ASHLEY HAYDEN ARE FAT KARDASHIAN WANABEESs!!!!!

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