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Mode Elle - Ripped off and Scam!

Scam! Mode Elle is not an agency it is a school. She uses the agency as a face to suck you into taking classes to represent you! After you pay for courses, you need to get a headshots yes they don't accept any headshots you might have. They need to be proffesional. They promote every week different photographer you go into there office- school- agency to take the photos yes that's $500. You don't get those pictures, nor see them they pick two shots and print and give them to you you don't like well too bad! Well now representing fee $ and to be on the website another fee$ and they can create actors access account another $ but what they don't tell you is they pay one time fee to add 300 models once but charge every single one a full fee $. After that oh shots are no longer good we no longer use them so need to take new once $ . Now acting workshop another $.... Oh cmtc is coming up you will get exposure from sign up $.... Oh yeah she does not tell you all agents are from the United States do not take Canadians because to work in the States you need a working permit the green card without that can't work in the States but impossible to get and when you get approached by American agent interested they ask of you to talk to your agent to do the papers for you and send it to them Mode Elle response was sorry we don't do that you have to do it yourself. But she owns cmtc she is your agent she signed you up for this and when business time knocked on your door sorry no can do! Why? She says I don't do that because you need a green card to work in the States but the agent says I am interested in you get your agent to send me the papers and I will make you a letter you can use for applying for the green card and my agent says no. It's your agents responsibility when an agency requests you that she sends you in but she is not an agency, She don't care! she cared about your money for signing up! That's it! She was shocked she never had that happen and if you leave to the United States your bank account goes with you and you may never come back. As she has no right too represent you in the United States! So no commission! Don't waste your time and money! I wish someone will send in a hidden camera with a new client and record this agency/ school and prove to the world this is a scam! So I paid over $6000.00 No auditions, no jobs. But calls me for signing up for workshops. She has received such a bad reputation on her business name that she had to creat a second one to use she goes by Anderson Talent. You go in with positive attitude and hope and believe in your agent will work for you. Well not this one it is not an agent it is a school and the longer she holds on to you the more money she is sucking out of you! Business is business. So I left and went for another agency got a contract, first audition landed me a role in a movie I had the opportunity to try that I never had with mode Elle. Oh big surprise is to come new agent refused the headshot! We don't use those type of pictures in this industry. Even I had taken 4 pictures and paid a $1000 for not accepted go home take a picture without cellphone and send it to me I did she used it and got me the role in a week time. I wasted three years of my life with mode Elle! And over $6000. And got nothing! Don't believe go for it and try yourself! Just be prepared to pay $6000 in three years! And let us all know how it all works out for you! I'll be waiting. I waited and was very patient! Now you are next victim or save yourself all that money and try a real agency! Not a school! That's why she is scouting new faces! New face =$$$ Modeling Course fee$ Photoshoot fee$ Representation fee$ Website fee$ Other site fee$ Workshop fee$ Cmtc fee$ Hotel fee $ More workshop fees to prepare for cmtc so it's called cmtc worshop so fee$ So that is $5000.00 Go ahead now you know whats coming take yourself and call and book a time and ask the costs of all the musts lol.. Good luck Oh please take a hidden camera with you!
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I ended up suing this corporation back in late 2013/ early 2014. I was THISCLOSE to winning but I ended up suing the wrong entity.

Please check out my youtube video for more complaints about her, etc.


Hi i was thinking of going to this location to learn modelling after i read your reviews i am kind of sad that it had happened to you i am also concerned that it will happen to me so may i know more about this story and which industry are you working with right now?


It’s not just me ! Everyone has worked with them has to go through he same process!

I know many parents that has been with Moselle longer than me warned me but stubborn me I did not listen! Till 3 years of wasting time and money I realized I will never get anywhere staying with them!

I went to a real Agency and 1st audition my daughter went to she landed a role in web of lies ! That’s when I realized I should have listened and not water 3 years of my daughter childhood and lots of money with mode Elle!

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