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PayPal - Pal Pal Lawsuit Time!

If there is anyone out there who is ready and able to start a class-action lawsuit against Paypal for their illegal and unethical practices, please contact me at frogskyn@***.com I lost my house (granted it was a rental) when paypal, without warning, held funds from emergency ebay sales I made to get cash to pay my rent. They held my funds so that I couldnt even afford to ship the items I sold! I believe there are enough of us out there that are being screwed by this company that we can file a successful class action and get restitution from this unethical and fraudulent company! Please, lets take this seriously and ACT NOW! -Marcus
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Paypal requires you to have 100 feedback, not 10.


It will never fly. Don't waste your time or money that you obviously don't have.


Paypal uses their position online to force their political agenda. They are far left and punish anyone who does not agree with them or accepts money (or sends money) to people or sites they have a philosophical problem with. Be aware, Paypal is being run by Social Progressives and Socialists


Paypal does this until you get 10 feedbacks on Ebay. Once you get 10 feedbacks they release the money an don't hold any more funds.

They also release the funds on each item as proof of delivery is confirmed.

I agree, they should make this known to people as they sign up to sell on ebay. It is buried in the fine print under their terms and conditions.

It leaves you no money to ship your items and they don't care. Be aware of this before you decide to sell on eBay.


Yes, I am in


I am in. Doing some research right now myself. Paypal is a total scam.

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