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CNCs Standard Poodles - C-N-C's Standard Poodles- Parker, CO: Rude Pompous Discriminatory Altogether an insulting experience

CNCs Standard Poodles - C-N-C's Standard Poodles- Parker, CO: Rude Pompous Discriminatory Altogether an insulting experience
E-mail interaction with breeder after inquirign about general breeding information, JeanMarie Robertson(e-mail address from breeders PUBLIC website): "Hello, I have a six month old golden doodle named Bernard I would like to stud. He Is a very calm lovable guy and I have people wishing they could have one everyday. I have never bred a dog before but Bernard Is the first purebred mix I have had. I've attached some photos to this e-mail so you can see how handsome he Is. Regards, XXXX" JeanMarie Robertson's response: "I have no idea who you are, or why you have contacted me. First of all if you want to breed, there are many tests you need to do as a responsible breeder to make sure you are not passing on genetic problems. Some of the tests can not be done until the dog is 2 years old, so you have a long time yet. You should have between $500.00 and $1000.00 invested in testing by the time you have it done. Goldens have some very bad genetic problems( I do know that) that should be tested for before breeding. Since I have Standard Poodles I only know the issues with my breed, plus you can't have AKC or UKC, or CKC,ect. registration, because these are purebred registries. You may have a performance registration. You probably have a pet registration, because he is not a purebred, he is poodle and golden, a mixed breed. I am a purebred breeder and would not be interested in a mixed breed. Yes, many are breeding dooles, that should tell you something. It is the dog for people who want to own a Standard Poodle, but don't want to say they own a Poodle. The Standard Poodle is a hunting dog, not a phoophoo dog. We have bred many breeds over the years until Poodles. They are the best dogs I have had, so you think your doodle is good, try the real thing. JeanMarie Robertson, CNC Standard Poodles" Well, thanks for the info lady... the irate disposition and pompous attitude were, however, completely unnecessary. If you don't want to be treated like the complete trash by someone who puts much stock in the social-caste system, do not attempt contacting this breeder for ANY reason.
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This is a very common request of us Std breeders.No she wasn't rude or any of the other names you called her.We are purebred dog breeders.We do not cross breed.We are improving our chosen breed not watering it down!You are all wet when it comes to your reaction and I hope after talking to hear you learned something.


Well, JeanMarie is correct. When a responsible person decides to breed,it should be to further the quality of a breed.

Genetic testing helps insure genetic problems are not continued and passed along to unsuspecting purchasers. I, personally, like Golden Retrievers and Poodles. Both breeds have great qualities. And, I know many people enjoy the mixing of the two breeds.

I know Golden breeders who will not breed to get mixed breeds, they are into furthering their breed lines. It sounds like JeanMarie is a responsible breeder who is working hard to improve the Poodle line. Your response to JeanMarie seems to indicate your ego was bruised a little.

If you are going to become a breeder,get used to it as breeding can be a competitive business. And find a good genetic testing vet and do the testing!


Agree with the postes and the breeders. The breeder is correct in both information and attitude. You have a mixed breed dog with the worst possible combination of sickness and death. The genetic illnesses of poorly bred golden retrievers and standard poodles may not have doomed your beloved dog, but the odds are against him and every single puppy you create.

Did you know that 60% of golden retrievers will die of cancer? And both breeds have issues with hip dysplasia, elbows and knee problems? Did you know poodles can have epilepsy, Von Willebrands Disease, and sebataceous adentitis? Both breeds can have food allergies, environmental allergies, and irritable bowel diseases.

Cute backyard purebreds and mixed breeds can be great and healthy dogs. NO dogs should be bred without a lot of testing. Breaking the hearts of families by selling them genetically doomed dogs is wrong on so many levels.


You have a mutt. Get over it.

Nobody in their right mind would breed a dog that young. You did no testing for genetic diseases or other defects.

You'll breed to another doodle that probably hasn't been tested either. You'll end up with a letter of puppies that nobody wants.


The comment was informative and correct, not pompous! Attempting to stud a doodle at 6 mos or older even is nothing more than poor backyard many of these dogs end up in the pound....a lot goes into responsible breeding as well as $$$.

I find the attitude of the person attempting to profit by studding out a basic mutt to be the person out of line and with the attitude.

The better response would have been to thank her for the information and follow her advice...there is testing available for these doodles and it is not to do it since the goldens are riddles with disease. Most doodles are from less quality poodles and goldens as well since good breeders almost never sell to these breeders so they are using pet quality while making claims that cannot be backed they are non shedding and hypoallergenic....if you want that the only way to get it is to buy a Standard Poodle.


A Golden Doodle is nothing more than a mutt. Nothing special. I rescue mutts.


Jean Marie is a very conscientious poodle breeder. She is a wealth of knowledge and completely ethical. You and all the other golden doodle breeders are idiots--bottom line is that golden doodles are muts.


I have actually met this breeder and know that she is most definately a good person and very educated about her breed of dog and in breeding in general. You are upset about the response she gave-well, that shows a lot about your don't like the truth if it doesn't suit your interest.

Please, for your pets sake and all others..neuter your dog and don't attempt to get involved in promoting mixed breed dogs that just combines all the health problems of both breeds into one. I'm sure you have a great pet so enjoy him that way and hopefully you luck out with him being healthy and that he lives a long happy life.


It's a good thing the breeder is a "poodle-person", because otherwise, definately NOT a people-person. That goes for the other commentors 1-3 as well...

in fact if they WERE people-persons I would suspect they'd be the KBG. :eek


I found the breeder's response civil and informative. Your inquiry was obviously sent before you did any homework with regards breeding and you sorely need to be educated.

It's the people who go around trying to 'stud out' their 6 month old dogs because they're 'cute' that keeps Petfinder in over flow of dogs. Please neuter your dog and let the breeders who are putting thousands of dollars into their breeding programs because they are tyring to do the best for the breeds and for the future owners of the puppies....

breed. I felt that JeanMarie was incredibly diplomatic in her response!

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