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Money Magazine Au - Australian journalist writes about corrupt real estate spruiking all while being a criminal herself. Meet author Anne Lampe

So you want to be a journalist in Australia, honesty wont take you far in the alcohol fueled ' pay for propaganda' that is the Australian journo culture Its a dirty business, Aussie journos are a corrupt, mostly drunk and dishonest bunch, who sell out. Anne Lampe is a classic example just because she use to write for a major newspaper ( the rather corrupt SMH) in their usually groggy state they think that given them the right to play God.  Anne Lampe consistently used her jobs (each one of them for direcr personal gain) read about her and the NRMA debunk “One of the revolutionists was Roger Parks, Ms Lampe’s partner. Ms Lampe continued to cover the case for The Sydney Morning Herald. Though her connection and the obvious conflict of interest were well known to many in the media it was not, and apparently until today has not been made public, though it would appear to be in contravention of the Sydney Morning Herald’s own code of ethics.” If she was a lawyer she would have been disbarred. If she was a politician, a similar fate. Or if a funds trader she would've been pinched for insider trading and sent to jail… So what gives journalists like Anne Lampe the right to play God, judge and executioner to benefit her own personal interests and gains. There is a code of ethics that needs to apply… but apparently not to her. She should be made accountable for all the lies and misleading fabricated propaganda that she usually spins in order to make a quick buck by masquerading as a reporter. want a pay for write up reporter, Anne Lampe is your girl. Sadly in Australian journalism she is the norm!
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