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Like many of the reviews I have read, both my husband and I have the same complaints. We just spent the last 2 hours on the phone with Travel Smart VIP and priced out a trip with one of the reps. The same trip for the same weeks was $500 cheaper for me to book directly on the SunWing website compared to booking it via TravelSmart VIP. My husband got them to price it by using our special weeks during Value Season and they still could not come close to the pricing I could pull up directly on online and so my question remains - WHAT IS THE VALUE OF PAYING FOR A VIP VACATION CLUB MEMBERSHIP MONTHLY WHEN THERE ARE ZERO SAVINGS!!!!. THE ONLY WAY TO PUT A STOP TO THIS FOR ALL THE FUTURE CUSTOMERS GOING TO ROYALTON RESORTS AND PREVENT THESE VULTURES FROM STEALING INNOCENT PEOPLE'S MONEY AND TIME IS TO DO THE FOLLOWING: - POST ON YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA - FACEBOOK, TWITTER AND INSTAGRAM SO THAT THIS IS AVAILABLE FOR PEOPLE TO SEE - SEND AN EMAIL TO THE TRAVEL AGENCIES IN YOUR AREA WARNING THEM OF YOUR EXPERIENCE AND ENSURING THEY LET THEIR FUTURE CUSTOMERS TRAVELLING TO THESE RESORTS TO BE ON GUARD - GO TO THE MEDIA - NEWSPAPER - TV STATIONS AS THIS IS NEWS WORTHY AND ILLEGAL ON SO MANY LEVELS WITH THE HIGH PRESSURED SALES TACTICS, IMMEDIATE PRESSURE TO SIGN AND PROMOTING FALSE AND INACCURATE INFORMATION TO INNOCENT VACATIONERS WHO HAVE THEIR GUARD DOWN ON HOLIDAY. The fact that there are such a huge volume of customers here all complaining about the same issues over and over again and nobody has been refunded for this dissatisfaction speaks volumes about these scammers. We paid a deposit of $2900 and I doubt they will refund us but I am not paying a penny more. I have put an immediate hold on all future funds to these scammers.
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Dear Tarn, you hit the mark,

I started my anti TravelSmart scam activity one year ago, but I had to stop it soon due to been busy with my health problem. Now I am O.K., back on track and now intend to go to the end.

I think that there is only one way to get money back: to prove in court that TS do not respect the contract.

I am initiating a class-action.

I need documented evidence that there are no benefits to be a member of TravelSmart. Compare their offer for vacation (do not forget to include the cost of "SmartPoints", membership fee…) with a quote from a reputable online travel agency.

Print them. It should be the same place, room, date, flight… If you are willing to join the initiating group, send one page complaint with proof of no benefit, monetary loss, contract number, signed date, name to: scamfighter@***.net


Dear Tarn,

We're extremely concerned to read that you feel that way regarding your membership. The membership not only offers competitive pricing but you also have all the added VIP benefits that come along with it.

We understand that this membership may not be for everyone, however, the negative reviews online are not the overall opinion of the 7500+ members that currently use, and enjoy, their TravelSmart membership.

If you could send us your membership information in a private message or via email to we would very much like the chance to discuss this situation with you further and assist in demonstrating how you can truly use the membership to its full advantage.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Please be aware that many of your unsattisfied customers are smart and don't need the same answer replied to in each message. If you are running a legit business and all of these customers have the same complaints within 15-30 days of purchasing a a vacation club membership, then the HONEST and ETHICAl thing to do is to refund all of the customers.

Your garbage 5 day cancellation policy should be voided as many of your customers don't spend time on vacation booking the next trip to find out all the issues and restrictions and additional funds needed to book a vacation through Travel Smart. Why is it that you don't offer a refund to all of your unhappy customers within 30 days like a legit company would? The only reason is because this isn't legit at all but 100% a scam with such false promises provided by your sales team upon signing. I do not wish to hear anything further about booking a trip with your company as your team already wasted one full day of my time in Mexico and 2 hours on the phone here with Travel Smart trying to book a trip that would cost me more than booking on my own.

I am collecting all my information and sending it to CBC News for Investigation so that every Canadian travelling to any resorts where Travel Smart represents is aware of this scam.

I am expecting a full refund for the money we paid last month and that we will not be able to recoup. If you are an honest business with so many happy customers as per your response, then I see no reason why you are unable to refund the unhappy customers who have been members for less than 30 days!!!!!


It is true Tarn... so many of us dealing with the same complaints about this company.

I agree with you - i tried to be polite and respectful with them but I am now turning to social media. i also sent the onfo on this scam to Pat Foran from CTV news, if all of us do the same thing, it may get their attention.

@Loman Hgn

Hi Johnka68,

As we commented on your original post, we are more than happy to clear up any confusion or bad impressions that may have been formed however we will need you to send us through your membership details in order for us to assist you further."


Dear Travelsmart VIP,

Since you always post the same response, I did not wait for you to do that but sent my details to the socialmedia email address on January 5th. I finally got a call today...

unfortunately not the response I was looking for. It seems like all of you who are trying to respond to our complaints do the same thing - trying to explain the benefits of the membership to us. PLEASE understand - we don't need that. The benefits were explained to us at the time when we signed on the contract.

We are not idiots who need further explanation but you need to work with your sales people and train them to not give all sorts of misrepresentations.

You don't need to explain the membership to us NOW but address our complaints and help us get out of these contracts. Our complaints are that the promises given are not even close to what the reality is.

@Loman Hgn

Dear Johnka68,

Would you mind telling me the best way to report about this scam company to CTV news ?

I never want more victims like me!

Thanks !

@Loman Hgn

To Anonymous: fill out the form on the following website:


Travelsmart you are the worst of the worst. It’s very clear that this membership that you make out to be so amazing is complete junk.

Every person on here says they were lied to, so is it thousands of people of Travelsmart? You’re full of lies and empty promises, all to get our money

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