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Greentree Servicing - Paid 13 years! Still owe same amount on mortgage!

In 1997, my husband and I purchased a repo mobile home for $26,000. We were both in good health and both working full-time. 13 years later, my husband has a fatal illness and I have arthritis so bad I am disabled. Can we get out of the loan? No! Not only that, but we paid our payments religiously-occassionally being late,etc.; But these folks at GREENTREE are merciless! The clock ticks even if your paycheck arrives a day late!n I did some research and discovered that a group of Native-Americans in Kansas had sued them for predatory lending and(surprise! Surpirse!) Won! I tried to bring this to the attention of the officials of the State of Nebraska who told me this was just how business was done and "like it or lump it." I knew Republicans were greedy, but in Nebraska they will do anything for money. Including sitting back and see their taxpayers get ripped off. BE WARNED! Don't buy a mobile home. Buy a shack in a small town but NEVER a mobile home! And NEVER deal with Greentree! I agree that perhaps we were behind a bit in that we were late a few times in 13 years, but to owe the entire amount-when we had made all the required payments up until the point where we were forced into bankruptcy is just plain WRONG!
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Republicans have nothing to do with it. The Bankmasters own both Parties.

That's why you'll never see a "third Party" given any credibility except Independents, who are basically Republicrats anyway.

They all sit on the same side of the Blackjack table and you'll get hosed no matter which one you vote for. For the same reason, you will never see an end to the kleptocracy that has consumed Washington.


I agree with you I have also had my mortgage for 13 years. I called for pay off and was to I had to still pay all of the principal.

Don't be late one day or they are calling you. I wish I could pay it off.

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