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Always Fresh Containers - Shipping was $22.95

When I called to purchase, they pushed me to purchase one day shipping. I insisted they send it the cheapest way possible. I sell on ebay and nothing this small cost 23 dollars to ship. Do not trust this company. They are totally dishonest. I am calling my credit card for a complete refund and returning their junk. I am totally pissed and will never order from this company again. I forgot to check the reviews before ordering. A costly mistake and a reminder to always check the reviews. A relief to find others on line with the same problem.
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All of the complaints are about shipping costs or other monetary problems. What I'd like to hear about is how long do these containers actually keep foods fresh.


the really keep some foods fresh for 50 days?.

I've seen one reviews that says the containers keeps food only as fresh as any other container. Please give me feedback about this.


:sigh I feel bad for all who got ripped off but yes , I too have had to learn the hard way..Wait til it comes to your local store then buy...of course these are shipping scams when they say two for one...just stop payment at your bank and learn your lesson....but while learning, yes it is very frustrating.


Yep the shipping is a ripoff. Do the math.

If you bought the 19.95 set and got one free, but then you have 18.00 in shipping (regular ground) round it out at 38.00 + tax at 3.50 (this is what I got charged) total of 41.40....Dummy me didn't do the math because if I went to Walgreen and bout a set of 5 containers with lids it would be 9.99 ea. times that by 4 = 40.00. I would save 2.00 buying it at a local store and then getting it instantly. I recieved only one set so far and it's been 2 months.

I talked to a rep 2 weeks ago who assured me she would look uop my account and call me back (the number I got was 1-86*-***-****. I never got a c/b. Now I just called again and they tried to pull that c/b on me. I said no way.

They did that the last time and they never called. She assured me she would do it personally her name was alui Tosner and the direct number is 1-21*-***-**** ext 10 so we;ll see what happens now. If not a callback, I will disoute the charges and then call the Attorney general for the state they are repusenting. So remember peeps.

Buy it locally. You buy 4 sets at your local drugstore or wgereever as seen on tv products sell and you will save 2.00 and get it instantly.

Good luck tina


feels like i ordered this *** six months ago, waited and waited, never got anything, called and spoke to an Eric, he was nice enough but i caved and would allow them to redeem themselves, they charged me again, still no product four weeks later, phone # disconnected, anybody got a number , they will not respond by email, thanks for listening!


On 8-5-09 I ordered the containers on the website and was told I would get 2

for the price of one plus the shipping fee.

I did recieve one set that was not the one on the site and it was broken, so

they sent me a new one.

When I asked why I did not get the 2nd set, they said I would have to pay

another $8.95, so I did on 9-28-09.

I called 2 times asking where my 2nd set was and they said they sent it. Since

I did not recieve the set they would send me another. When I called the next

time they said they would send this set, since they say I had paid the


When I tried calling today, Feb 8, 2010, the number no longer exist.

So I am going to do a charge back or a dispute at my earlist convenience for my

money back, unless they send me the other set.

this is a scam


I'm sorry to hear your experiences! But it would be in your best interests to buy from a secondary seller of these products- You'll save money in the long run with shipping costs - plus you may even get it cheaper than you would directly from the Manufacturer - Even some of the second dairy sellers offer free shipping and you get it a heck of a lot faster than buying it direct - Hope this helps!!!

OOOOO plus you don't get those sales pressureing you to upgrade or pay for next day shipping -Much better shopping experienceL)


Mulch, she agreed to the cheapest shipping possible, which was NOT overnight shipping, and they charged her $22.95 in shipping for $22.00 worth of green tupperware which ships for $5.00. It's a shipping scam.

And it's spelled "reneging." Yes, *I* am an immature brat, unlike the poster, and a little more mature than you. Nah nah nah naaah nah!


Wait you agreed on your own free will to the conditions mentioned and then you are renigging on the deal? What kind of a immature brat are you?

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