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Apple - I was cheated out of warranty service.

I recently went to the Apple store seeking service for my iphone. I have had it for 9 months.I purchased the extended warranty. I was having an echo problem. Before the tech did anything, he checked a moisture detection strip located just inside the plug area. I didn't even know that this existed. He immediately told me that it has started to turn pink and that my phone must have been submerged and that my warranty was negated. I know for a fact that my phone was never submerged. I feel cheated. I am an honest person. I am 53 years old. It has taken a while for me to afford nice things like an iphone and this is what I get for it.
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The comments by the Apple employees are very telling about Apple's views towards their customers. As soon as my plan comes up for renewal I will be looking to switch back to Verizon and any other phone except one offered by Apple.


now the stripe was located inside plug area.. so even if you didn't submerged your phone..

the stripe if likely to catch moisture and turn pink eventually.. when you insert plug with sweaty hand etc..




you're an *** for trying to cheat us


if you didn't submerge the phone in moisture why did the strip show you did. You may not have didn't consciously but it could have collected in there overtime. All this could have been avoided by spending a few more dollars and a worth will protective case, negligence on your part...***.

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