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This is a little "company" in the UK that has been trying to copy IndyJarvis' and his work for a long time. He is a former employee who was fired for stealing customer credit card numbers when clients tried to donate to there Software site. As a customer typed in there info, ACW would re direct the numbers to there personal laptop in the building to steal. His name is ANDY at ACW in the UK and he is a Fraud, and a *** artist. He got away with thousands from us, pretending to be a legitimate software developer for JARVIS LITE. He offers to download it to you free, gets a donation, then the software reports your personal info back to him once you load it! Don't fall for ACW 's SCAM. THEY ARE A FRAUD! ANDY is the name he goes by in Emails, but he pretends to be many people. The names he has used in the past to SCAM people on his PayPal Donations site is Andy Wood, Toasted Toasty, software beast, Ethan, Jamie, and lord Jaffas- He just makes new names up to steal them donations. Carful of ANDY WOOD he will rob you blind! Sincerely, A Victim of his SCAM!
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Dale you absolute idiot. You never quite managed to piece together that me - Toasted Toasty, Ethan Jamie, Lord Of The Jaffas ( and yes i do change my name alot, google plus is a pain) - and Andy are seperate people. I was a customer of Andy who was concerned by you stealing his livelihood and compnay.To have the audacity to claim he stole from you is simply ludicrous.Considering that the software was released before your videos were being made, coupled with the fact that you probably couldn't tell me a single thing about how it works, or even what voice API it's based on -windows speech recognition btw - is testament alone to how little you know about "your" productas for the supposed credit card stealing, the donations portion of the website was always placed out of site, so as to not be intrusive, and has clearly never been associated with credit card fraud, due to the fact that -unlike your company - there are very few complaints made to this site, and it's more than likely that the two posted here are written by the same person, which is to say, Dale Kaeff, the owner of "ACW technologies USA " on youtube, formerly indy jarvis until he decided to steal not just ACW's software, but their title too.

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Acw Technologies Website
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STOLE MY CC NUMBERS and used them!
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Full refund
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Indy Jarvis - Very Please Indy J consumer

Fortunately for me, I had a great experience with the Indy J Team. Very prompt at answering my emails. I received my package on time. Worked as soon as I turned it on. My 5 year old son even uses the kitt. I ordered Envious myself and love her. A little spunky and has a nice twist. I hate to see someones name dragged through the mud. I always say, nobody will ever tell you about a good experience or you won't hear about it, but one person has something bad to say and he tells the world. I wanted to do the opposite. I have spent many hours emailing Indy J, don't even know his name. He has helped me with any questions I may have without hesitation and he didn't even HAVE to. Just a nice guy, taking time out of his day to help an individual that he doesn't even know. I was extremely surprised to see this negative review when my experience, as many others were so positive.
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Ceck out this Indy jarvis scams site I found on youtube.


Lol this is pathetic. You're giving yourself reviews lmao.

Same grammar, same punctuation, same manner of using all caps in the email for emphasizing points, yup.

You're a big joke. Please stop ripping people off.

This guy replies very fast when you're going to pay, and starts to ignore you when your money is already with him.


totally agree

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All around great experience