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Verbally harrasered by a Burger King store manager

October 10, 2020 around 4:55 PM, I went with my wife to Burger King Restaurant, store number 4867, located at 8770 Mills Drive, Miami, FL. (This Burger King is located in The Palms at Town and Country). The purpose of this visit was to buy two ice cream cones. When we drove through the drive-thru, I kindly placed my order through the speaker I said: “ let me please have two ice cream cones and please can I have two glasses of cold water?”, at this point the lady on the other end, did not understand the word “water” and replied back to me, “glasses of what” by which I spoke louder and kindly said “cold water”. She then said “w a t e r”, I said yes. At that very moment I was verbally harassed by one of the Burger King employees. Another woman abruptly took over the microphone and began cursing, yelling and screaming at me- For absolutely no reason. This woman verbally harassed me and I quote: “ MOTHER F…R! WHY YOU HAVE TO YELL?”, I said, “what?” and she kept harassing me and I quote: “F… YOUR MOTHER F… YOU! AND DON’T HAVE TO GIVE YOU ANY WATER…”. At this moment I was in shock and my wife was even in fear. I asked “who are you?” and she said (again I quote), “THE STORE MANGER! MOTHER F…R!” After this, the only way to get out was going through the drive thru lane and so when I approached the window in order to leave, someone -I guess was the store manager-, slide the window open and became very angry, violent, and aggressive towards my wife and I. She continued to yell at me with Mother…F… and f…word…”. In all my 63 years, this is the first time in my life that I got in this unpleasant and unexpected situation without any reason. She was extremely rude, aggressive, and violent. My wife got really scared, to the point where she became very anxious. We have visited BK for many years but I never thought that what TV sometimes shows, would happens to us, never. I do not know her name but she is Latino appearance with a short haircut. With that, I am asking you to take corrective actions to redirect her behavior and vocabulary so nobody else has to ever go through this same unpleasant situation. To evidence this complaint, please, watch the store’s videos as the store should have them. This is all truly a heartbreaking and a shame as we have been customers our whole lives. Note that we did not have the phones ready to record her, however I’m taking the time to write this because Burger King deserves competent staff, and this is simply unacceptable. When visiting Burger King, the fear or being verbally harassed by aggressive staff should not ever happen. Thank you so much!

User's recommendation: Never visit the restaurant.

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