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Angelika Lancsak - Asking 3000 euros to find the perfect match !

Update by user Apr 19, 2012

Dear ladies and gentlemen and PissedConsumer Team!

Please IGNORE this bad review about \"Angelika Lancsak Matchmaking\". Everything has been settled between her and me and the issues are completely outdated. It was just an online dispute.

I did some investigation on her company and can assure you that she works CORRECTLY.

Timothy Suharto

Original review posted by user Sep 28, 2009
Please be aware that the matchmaking sevice of Angelika Lancsak is highly suspicious ! Don't believe this pretentious middle aged Angelika Lancsak who manages to request 3000euros by Paypal for signing up as a client to an empty database of a malafide LTD. Together with her website they're an online bubble and dream of Angelika Lancsak. The most hilaric thing is the donation button. Making a dometion to what kind of charity? She claims to enter and exit Dubai many times ayear, but people who have access to the border-passenger-files of the UAE confirmed that she only has been there once in her life. To persist in her online circus, she will also comment soon under her own name telling that I am a guy named "Tarno" and that I destroy her "business" and that she reported it to the police. Let the SWAT team come ! Perhaps she pressed charges in Afghanistan? I never heard it is illegal to share an opinion on a public forum. :joker2: Angelika Lancsak has also been shifted from due to highly inappropiate and unethical behaviour. For verification please email to support@***.net 9 Brightfield Road - London, United Kingdom The ultimate business district of London, where all multinational corporations are located. Only parkingspace available for Bentley's and Lamborghini's
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Listen carefully and consider what I say. Proceed with caution.

Never give out financial information. Verify everything. Don't fall prey to manipulation or bullying.

In proving who you are, you may be making your money vulnerable. These are points of wisdom for any transaction or internet exchange of information with someone whose identity, legitimacy and location you don't really know.


Thanks, that I came accross those warnings. As I was looking for becoming a member at the website of Angelike Lancsak.

I first did some researcg and of course I now see it's strange indeed. A (virtual) office address in UK and a phone in Austria plus only paypal. Smells like dead fish to me now.

Perhaps the Austrian tax department is interested in that kind of activities? cheers from Manchester


We all know Angelika Lancsak= Tarno


ASW kicking her our is not really a legitimate reason is it? They also kicked Tarno out.

Anyway, people be warned for this guy. I am sure even some of the comments here are Tarno's using a different alias.


Hi, then press charges against that Tarno guy instead of only words!


Has anyone seen the passport of Angelika Lancsak? She is over 50, and not as she pretends in her 40's. When somebody even has to lie about that....

And all her "fans" please come with proof of a business address where clients could visit her....


Anybody saw the passport of Angelika Lancsak? She is over 50!

We do an investigation about her scam and have the copy here !

She even lies about her age. Chek back with, they did not kick her there without a good reason...


I dont know about how or what, but I would never pay by paypal that kind of amounts to a company with no proof of business adress



You have been stalking different woman through the past. Even your family recognises that you have a mental illness - quite sad if you think about it.

Stop harassing people just because they realised who you really are, it is pathetic. Also illegal, don't forget the law does tell you are not allowed to stalk people and I am sure there is enough evidence against you as we speak. So one last warning: it would be better if you would stop.



Looks fishy

No bankaccouynt but only paypal and calling yourself elite?

Makes me chukkle


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