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Incompetent Comcast Employers and its independent contractors

I have been battling with Comcast since November 2007 and my issue still has not been resolved. They are falsely charging me for a cable box that I voluntarily gave the Comcast technician and they have even gone so far as to have placed me with a collection agency for something I no longer have in my possession. Now they are threatening to put this on my credit. I have talked to several customer service reps and only one manager. I have had three customer service reps fill out investigation form that continue to get overlooked. I have called the collection agency to dispute the charges and in return has written me a very unpleasant letter stating that I refuse to pay the charges and that my time to make a dispute has passed. The collection agency and Comcast are the most incompetent money hungry, and unprofessional companies I have ever seen. Something needs to be done about this to get this off my credit or prevent it from getting on my credit report. Any suggestions to who I can write to resolve this mess that I am not responsible for?
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the only thing you can do are two things and both will take a little time, and neither should have needed to be done, but if you want to have it taken care of you have to.

1. write a letter to each of the three credit reporting agencies, you can get the addresses off the internet - it's a pain but you have to do it.

2. call your state Att. General's office, forget the BBC, they have an agenda of keeping jobs in the area nomatter how shotty the work, the AG in your state is ellected, and I've not seen one yet that is not seeking a higher office, USE THEM, they use YOU!!! the AG with the power of the whole state behind him or her can put the fire under supervisor of the supervisor of the supervisor of the the little tart on the phone thats giving you a hard time, and don't forget about the public service commision, they cover mostly electric-water and gas, but may cover other things as well. I've used them quite effectively for issues with xcel here in Denver with results in as litte as 30min!!!

Good Luck and don't wait for them, cover yourself.

because of many of the post here, I cancelled my direct tv before installation was complete because of changes to a contract I had yet to see.

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