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2016 chevrolet sonic warranty problem

in mid-august I bought a new 2016 Chevrolet sonic. on oct. 13 the power steering stopped working. I immediately took it to the dealership and they adjusted a connection and pronounced it fixed. the next day the steering was out again. I took it back to the dealership and they told me they needed a special electronic part that had to be specially made because there are none in the US. I called the chevy complaint department the next week to make sure they knew about the problem. after 2 weeks of no action and no explanations I started calling the complaint department again. since then I've been bounced around from one rep to another. supposedly now I'm being referred to a "Senior advisor" who will get in touch with me. on top of that, the dealership called Friday and told me the car was fixed. I left work early and rushed right over. as they were reprogramming the ignition key one of the mechanics came out and told me it wasn't fixed after all. then I learned that they weren't waiting on a part - they had been going through a checklist of repairs provided by gm. I no longer have any faith that anyone in that organization is telling me the truth or has any intention of honoring the warranty to be clear - this is a brand new car. I owned it for 2 months. it has less than 2,000 miles on it. this car has been well kept and not subjected to any sort of hard use. this is clearly a manufacturer's defect and should be covered. this car has sat in the dealer's parking lot for 3 weeks and not repaired. both the dealer and Chevrolet are well aware of the problem.
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Did the dealer provide you with a "loaner" car? If so, then you are fine and can drive that car until they fix yours.

If they didn't provide a loaner, then immediately demand one---a loaner is standard procedure.

The Sonic is a very cheap vehicle both to buy and make. It should work ok around town once it is fixed, altho I would dump it once you get close to the warranty expiration period or you may find yourself with big bucks to have it fixed once out of warranty.

@Machele Imf

Sonic is the best Chevy I ever owned. I use to have a 69 camero rs 396 4 sped that was slower than my Sonic.

I'm not makin nothing up hear.

My Sonic can beat a big old V8 0-60 ! The sonic is a rocket and it handles great can do everything way better than my old camero.

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Spencer, Indiana
2016 Chevrolet Sonic Car
  • Car has been in the shop constantly since ive owned it
  • Customer service and poor product quality
  • Extremely poor warranty service
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all of the above
Preferred solution
i no longer trust this car. it apparently has some electrical defect they can't track down. either replace the car or refund my money