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Update by user Sep 07, 2017

After a two and a half month battle with this company I finally received my full refund. From my order date, which was June 21, 2017 until Sept.

6, 2017, this transaction has been one horrible experience.

It took uncounted hours of my time, emailing this company, to get any satisfaction. Now, as of today, I can move on and put this behind me.

Update by user Aug 21, 2017

I failed to mention that the first kayak was damaged. The second one was defective.

Update by user Aug 21, 2017

Well, it is now August 21,2017. The company promised a full refund and that both kayaks would be returned, at their expense.

But, both kayaks are still being stored, in our barn. The company has failed to arrange return shipping.

I emailed them, on August 9th and as yet have not received a response since that date. I am still waiting for this to be resolved.

Original review posted by user Aug 07, 2017
I bought a Driftsun 2-person clear kayak. The first time used, the bolt that holds the inside aluminum rail in place came loose. It sat on my legs, in the middle of the lake. My husband, after we arrived home, tried to tighten it but the bolt is to short. It is defective. As the second person sits in this kayak their feet get caught in the front seat straps. If one person uses it the rail is in the way. There is an ugly long skag, in the back, not shown in the photos. A skag is a sure sign of a poorly designed kayak/canoe. There are two holes drilled, front and back for the ropes that hold the floatation bags. Expect to get very wet. The paddles drip water all over everything and a person sits to far down to paddle comfortably. I have asked for it to be returned and to get a full refund. I have canoed most of my life and this one takes the cake for being unsafe!
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Well, it is September 6, 2017 and I finally received my full refund, as of today. The issue has been ongoing since June 22, 2017.

It was a battle getting this refund and it was a battle getting the return shipping order from the company. After three customer service people working with me, I was transferred to a fourth woman who fully understood the situation and did something about it.

The first three customer service reps. were not professional, compliant or understanding.

To total up this situation, it has been the worst experience I have had.

I will never purchase from this company again, nor would I recommend them.

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Driftsun Kayak
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Damaged or defective
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Full refund
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Kartchner Caverns State Park - Kerchtner Caverns-Can't go on tour without a reservation.

Recently I contacted Kerchtner Caverns located by Benson, Arizona, via a phone call. My husband and I wanted to take a tour of the larger cave, as we were in the area. I was told we could not do a tour without online reservations! Well. I am not about to tell someone my credit card info. over the phone, to someone I do not know. Nor am I going online and giving that info. from our parks internet unsecured line. The park needs to save space for walk-in customers, instead of saving each and every space for online reservations. The news media warns people, especially elderly people, about giving online credit card info. and, for one, we listen and now we get penalized for it.
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Resolved: Red Lobster - Told to bring my own honey, next time, to sweeten my beverage.

Update by user Jun 06, 2017

The manager contacted me, apologized and admitted their mistakes. The issue was resolved not now, but last winter.

He sent me a full refund for the full amount of the dinner. I appreciated the fact I was not sent a gift card to return.

Update by user Oct 28, 2016

This happened at the Traverse City, Mi. Red Lobster not Carney.

Original review posted by user Oct 28, 2016
My husband decided to go out on a limb and take me to Dinner for my Birthday. As we all know, Red Lobster is pricey. We both had bad experiences so I contacted the Traverse City Manager. I told him I always used honey as a sweetener for my coffee. They did not have any. My husband ordered fish and there was char on his fish from the grill. It looked disgusting. We got to dessert and ordered the brownie overboard. It came loaded with chocolate syrup, which it did not specify on the menu. I despise chocolate syrup. Well, I received a letter from Denny Banks today, from the T.C. Red Lobster and he printed in his letter: QUOTE - You also can bring in honey if you wish for your sweetener anytime. WHAT WOMAN WANTS TO CARRY HONEY IN THEIR PURSE !!!For heavens sake. We travel across the Upper Peninsula in upper Michigan and even 2 by 4 restaurant's there offer honey. I guess a top class restaurant like Red Lobster cannot afford this for their customers.. Denny did try to appease us with 2 $10.00 gift cards to be used by 12/30/16 but our lousy bill had came to over $50.00. It is not working.
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If you think Red Lobster is "top class" I have some swamp land I'd like to sell you, honey.


LMAO -- you have enough money to be snowbirds and you're complaining that RL is pricey. Which makes you either cheap or classless, probably both.


My local Red Lobster assists me by provding corn all I do is call the manager. Maybe your manager is an antisemit?E


Well, it is now 11/01/16 with no contact, per email, as requested, by me, from this company. Soon we will be on our way south, for the winter,being snowbirds.

I have come to the conclusion that Red Lobster does not care what their customers think or what kinds of bad experiences they have had while dining within their restaurants.

We spend a lot of time camping with many other snowbirds and we discuss many experiences we have. This experience will be one of my topics for A RESTAURANT THAT SUCKS!


I enjoy malt vinegar on my fries but I don't expect a restaurant to carry malt vinegar just for me.


Red Lobster top class? Not even close!

No restaurant is going to carry a product for which there is no demand. BTW: the menu clearly show this dessert has chocolate syrup and the description tells you as well.


NO, it does not specify chocolate syrup. Not at the Traverse City restaurant.

It specifies Carmel syrup and fudge. Looking at the photo, we assumed it meant hot fudge. And the issue of honey? In four years, since I started using honey, only two restaurants have not carried it.

One in Wisconsin and one in Minnesota. We travel across country, frequently to Oregon and Arizona, each year, from Michigan, going to many restaurants, and there is a big demand for honey.


Sweetie, I checked the online menu for the Traverse City location and it DOES indeed specify that this dessert item has choclate!


Yes, it has chocolate as it is a chocolate brownie overload. But, it does not specify chocolate syrup. There is a difference.

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Carney, Michigan
Red Lobster Fish
  • Fish was very good
  • I was embarrassed by the pathetic food
  • No honey- chocolate syrup on the dessert
Reason of review
Not as described/ advertised
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Full refund