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I loathe Fedex Smartpost

FedEx #1932684
Words cannot express the frustration I feel when dealing with FedEx --- the name should be changed to FedExtra - Extra Confusion - Extra Frustration - Extra Chaos. FedEx has become so disorganized that when you request tracking updates, they're not given. I've requested updates on my expected deliveries and had to continue the tracking on my own or calling FedEx with their pitiful "I'm so sorry for.." excuses---which usually make no sense at all! In the last two weeks FedEx has allegedly 'delivered' my packages that mysteriously disappeared into thin air--lost packages that were given so many different dates of delivery ---going into so many different hubs until they became lost and then suggested that I contact the shipper to put in claims... I believe FedEx personnel are making a living in taking the packages and either using them themselves or reselling items to make extra money at the shipper's expense...they are too quick to suggest you call the shipper to ask them to put in claims and reship items!!!
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