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I hate comcast

Comcast consistently does not send us a monthly bill and then charges us a late fee the next month. This is the 2nd month in a row that this has happened and the 4th time since we started using Comcast. The customer service is AWFUL and rude! When I called most recently, the operator rudely asked "what, you thought your service was free". I was not aware that I had to personally call Comcast each month and request a bill. Not only is the customer service awful..the actual tv service is terrible and our internet never works. On demand never also never works.I recently voted Comcast "Worst Customer Service" for the 2008 Consumer Reports survey.
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since november of 2012 my cable internet has been ***. I call comcast every week and they send out a tech,tech can't figure out what the problem is NOT my house nor the cable IN my house.

the customer service guy can see something is wrong but the techs just can't figure out what is screwing my connection up. I have had just about every tech in a truck out here and it's like going to a mob party....nobody see's nuttin. The 1st hop (the pedastal) should NOT have a 50-1400ms hop.

Prior to Nov. 2012 it was ZERO (0ms)


We hate you TOO! You *** call thinking the front line barely over minimum wage employees can do anything about the bad Comcast service.

WE Cannot!

This whole company is a monopoly and we are treated much worse than you! Unsubscribe and do India a favor!


I'm pretty sure I would straight up rip someone's head off if they spoke to me, particularly if it was someone I was paying a service for and they treated me like that.


Grueling 2 1/2 hr session with the Comcast runaround this morning!!!! Lucky for them they have a monopoly on cable in this area!!!!!


As a previous employer of Comcast I have to admit it is an awful place to work.Alot of people don't understand when you call yes it says Comcast but it's is a third party vendor who gets paid by comcast but the reps dont work for comcast neither do the Supervisors you talk to unless you speak with someone in corporate.Comcast should just shut down espically since th new guys in corporate only worry about RGU's (Revenue generating Units) not about customer service.


This is true and for the consumer service reps that know their jobs and do real; only get kicks in the *** This company is a monopoly and unless YOU, the people voice your complaints to your local and state representatives NOTHING will ever be done.


We went down a level in service to save a little money, but there is no way to tell what the 'new' level is supposed to do, so I don't know if I'm getting my money's worth.

Their website is useless in explaining the package we have, so I called them. Three times. Each time, I got an irrelevant 'explanation' that they are providing what they are supposed to, but nowhere on their website or on the bills does it state what I am supposed to get.

Each time I called, I was put on hold for 15-20 minutes, then got the run around from the person on the phone, then after about 2 minutes on each call, they simply disconnected the call. >click!


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Comcast has to have the worst customer service on the planet! Everytime I contact them for something that should take 15 min or less, it ends up taking anywhere from 45min to 2 hours.

It's so ridiculous! You can barely understand the representives due to speech barrier, and your constantly given incorrect information. I called one day and they told me that they would credit my account for a *** router received for $49.95, but when I get my bill they only credited me for $20. When I call back they show no record of the conversation.

When I asked for a supervisor they "accidentally" hung up on me. When I called back and explained the situation I was told a supervisor would call me back in 30 minutes. Let's just say I'm still waiting on that call a week later!!! So I thought since a week has gone by I would give it another try.

BIG MISTAKE! Because now I'm on day too and have yet to get this resolved.

Right now I'm on a call and I'm being transferred for a third time! GOTTA LUV COM *** CAST!!


I have been a customer since comcast was time warner cable. That was a great co!

Crumcast hast been awful! In April our internet started going nuts. It would work for 2nd hours then go out, then the cable began in May to do the same. Meanwhile any arrangements we made to get things fixed were cancelled.

They said if we did not pay them service calls would be cancelled. Who wants to pay for what they have not received? Finally in June we were told by the local office by a manager credit would be added to our account and she sent someone thr next day. The problems were a bad splitter (comcast property) and a bad cord.

We were charged for that call and it has been two weeks since we were promised credit.

We have not received anything and they cut off our cable for past due. We turn in our boxes tommorow!

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