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Saint Leo University - Deceit, Harassment, Negligence, Abuse of Power, Descrimination

I would not recommend this school. The department head allows professor to still carry on even after they've been informed of inappropriate comments and behaviors by professors. They just want to keep your money, they don't respond timely to emails, use excuses that they don't receive your emails, deny receiving your online assignments that you worked so hard on and submitted. You spend all your time looking for the emails and writing emails to get clarification but it never happens. Then they start giving you the run around on who's supposed to handle the tuition reimbursement. They lie together against students who pay their salaries. We must be smart as students and stand together to stop this mistreatment. They are supposed to be teachers, mentors and helping to guide us on the right path. They've been condescending, sarcastic and ignore your concerns. I was very disappointed and will file complaints and dispute my credit card charge since they didn't provide me a service that I paid for. If necessary, I'll file a class action. Stand with me to get this educational institution to properly do their jobs and model for us what they expect from students. The majority of certain classes will struggle and be given conflicting information for assignments. Only one or two in the course will do well and get their questions answered, the rest will end up in a confused ball of stress, confusion, falling further and further behind and the professor creates it all, then admits to it, but then does nothing after he says he takes responsibility. Why, I asked? That is discriminatory. I have all the emails copied and pasted and looking for an attorney. I also blame the students for not standing together, they've helped create these monsters by allowing this!
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It's so horrible that sometimes rude, ignorant, spoiled, upper 0.01%-er kids like this don't get everything they want just because they show up and throw a fit when someone doesn't conform to their delusional ideas about human behavior. It brings a tear to my eye every time a kid doesn't get treated with respect when they act like a complete brat, have no idea about interpersonal relationships, and think that just because they exist they're entitled to the fruits of everyone else's labor. You failed to state a single instance where anything happened to you at all; so instead of disputing charges and looking to start legal fights, you should have found somewhere to medicate yourself.


May be would be better to concentrate on your study instead of fighting the professors?


Anonymous states just who you are!! You're probably a weak professor who hides behind the computer

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