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Comcast literally Robbed us blind

Comcast is more than terrible. We ordered their Internet service. After a couple months it stopped working. They had a tech come out to our home who deleted my husband's entire machine and then left. Then we moved, and they had an independent contractor install our cable - he cased our home and burglarized it (he gave us a fake name). Comcast refused to give us the tech name for us to pass along to the police. We had to have them out again when we moved- and the same guy who deleted the machine - drilled holes in our house where he wasn't supposed to, climbed into the attic and put cracks in the ceiling - didn't connect the cable (when he left all but one were not working) - failed to separate the Internet from the cable which caused a short - and they refuse to honor their agreement for giving us a credit. The local guy has lied to us and put remarks in our account so we keep getting rerouted to either him or his supervisor who just basically laugh at us. My husband needs the Internet for his business - and they are the only game in town.
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I thought this was internet on the topic,



I live in Ft. Lauderdale in a condo.

Dishes (as used by Direct TV and others) are not allowed to be connected to any part of the building or the grounds. Comcast is the ONLY alternative and they know it and take full advantage of it.


First if you were robbed, I would hope you filed a police report, with any information that you have. That would be the first step.

I am sure we would be able to work with them so they could question the person to your home. I am not sure what you mean separate internet from cable? They both come through the same line.

I am happy it was all resolved in the end. If you do need assistance, email us.Frank EliasonComcastWe_Can_Help@***


what kind of isolated place do you live in.. How can Comcast be the only game?


Comcast is not a nice company. We had them for a few years because there was no alternative. We moved out of our apartment into a house a year & a half ago. A rental, not ours. We went ahead and just transferred our service for the time being as it was easier than finding a new company until we were settled in.

They sent out a tech who proceeded to go into each room and cut the connectors in each room that was not getting a box. Did I already say this was a RENTAL? Not our house, and he destroys something that was perfectly functional prior to his touching it?

Needless to say we quickly did our research and switched to a local provider who bundled our phone service Both a main house line & fax line, and our internet & my daughters wireless plan into the TV package and we now pay LESS than we were paying for Comcast for just TV service!

But it doesn't end there. I walked those boxes in myself & turned them in, making sure to get a receipt. I'll be darned if I didn't spend another 2 months arguing with them about turning me IMMEDIATELY over to collections for unreturned boxes.

It was finally resolved, thanks goodness I keep my documentation.

But I tell you, if Comcast were the only service family would just have to make do with dvds.


What does separate the internet from the cable mean?

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