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Tarang Software Technologies - Cheeting Tarang Software Technology HRs

Cheeted by Tarang HR's I was called by the bloody HR Mohammed siddique for the HR interview by (10/09/09) to bangalore today(12/09/09). Since i cleared 2 technical rounds already I started travel to bangalore after his conformation of the travel amount re-embursement. I reached to the office by 9.30 am where no one is at receiving end since it is saturday. That bloody Mohammed siddique made a call to me and told to contact HR.gaurav. That guys was late to office and when he reached he says, 'oh' you didn't meet Vijay ah( project manager ). I was thinking how this company got SEI CMM LEVEL 5. where they dont have any proper organizing. i was called by 10.45am to another technical round. where i really don't know what round it was. Those people were not Convinced this time where their scope is away from the technology that i have this time. But my question here is why can't they able to ask this in telephonic round. Any why they are wasting money of others and time. Even i accept that where they are looking for some other specialization. I was asked to wait on the reception by the interviewers to get my results. but u know that bloody HR.Gaurav not even come to meet me in reception . he just called the security and asked me to go home saying they get back to us. Is this the way? where i got travelled spending nearly 9 hours to reach the city by bus with painful journey . I made call back to him from reception to pay the travel amount. He said he will give that amount when i join back. But i was not convinced then i called HR.mohammed. he told he get back to me in another few hours. but no reponse. i called him more than 20 times. he has not lifted and at last in the evening he took and say that you are not shortlisted. i was disappointed. then i asked for the travel money to return back. he said i will not get it. Why this kind of cheeting? why false promises?. it is near by 2500rupees loss and my precious time. i warned him saying i raise complaint on consumer complaint forum. he said they handle it. please help me to get the justice. at least warn the company. My suggestion to the company director's is please remove the HR people who are destroying the company name. And My advice to the public don't belive the cheeting HR's at Tarang Software technology. Thanks Senthil.D (dsenthil2003@***.com)
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Feku company...... Don't go to that company, job is far behind.


i see all php developers are making noise and doing nothing all the time. one girl name is bhargavi head weighted attitude.

she never do the work and she entertain other guys nd tell some stories to do her work. And i never see a girl like that cheap mentality.


Worst Company in my career

there is nothing positive of this company.

this place doesn't have any work culture. no flexibility in working. shouting at other employees for simple reasons is regular. The performance award is purely on political basis. even if i had a good rating for the quarter from my client i was told that some ppl have to given award so that they make them happy.

even is its a CMMI level 5 and has good solutions to offer. the manager does not have any knowledge on that. no long term clients, only focused on short time projects just for the sake of money

CEO has a serious attitude problem. Manager should start respecting and recognizing the employees.


today is 29/1/2011,, got a mail from that tarang company saying that please attend the interview between 9-12 on 29/1/2011.I went all the way till white field two hours from my house.reached there by 10.30am,the watch man was fighting with few guys who were already present saying 300 are already present who ever is coming now please give ur resume and can leave... I was shocked travelling from so far is not a joke!!

Hr dnt have any answer for our question,freshers are fools is it?i have the proof of the mail saying come between 9-12

what have we done?doing engineering is a big mistake?

please give justice for freshers,, All went back dissapointed,,cant help but company pple please understand our pain also.Please dont play with our life. i beg you on behalf of every one.


Thanks for the advice Senthil. I do have the mail copy which i have sent to the HR including the link of my complaint.


Senthil please stop this yaar, the way you have used all the language are really pathetic, It's shows that you are not acting professionally. If you do not have any proof how others will understand who is wrong and who is right. I don't know what will happen to you if this company comes to know about it, As they way you have written everything this will definitely spoil the company brand and any company will not tolerate this.

Due to this activity, Imagine even though they would have told that they will reimburse, but now they will simply wash their hand and might sue you for this as you do not have any evidence. So be aware what you are doing and where it will lead. Secondly we have a common name and it will spoil the name of all the folks who has the name by SENTHIL. My humble request you to remove everything from the net to invite any more problems further.

Note: Do check all the emails which you have exchanged with the company and see if they have promised you something like this, if yes then go ahead and fight for the same, else this is pointless.


Ofcourse money doesn't matter. but the effort i have taken to travel was use less.

It was 11 hours hectic journey by bus for one way itself. I was called by the HR to get my offer letter. Even i asked to send the offer letter through mail. He request me to travel to get the offer and i specifically asked will the travel amount got reimbursed.

He promised that i will be getting. My bad luck i dont have proof. I lost my angry since it was too long. but guys have pre-cation where ever u go for interview.

beware of fresher HR's. Try to find the false promise from those kind of HR's before taking travel to long distance.


I completely agree with mohsin and chandel, I have also attended interview with this company in year 2007 for java, On that time I was based in Hyderabad and the experience I have with them was awesome, I have cleared two telephonic round and they have called me for F2F round of interview @ Bangalore and if I am not wrong Mr. Siddique was the person who have coordinated with me for all the interview, Company not even booked my train ticket the provided me cab facility from the junction and they dropped me in the evening, Though I did not joined the company due to relieving issues in my current company.


I think you have not done well so they have not reimbursed your fare. Companies would have definitely paid you if you have done well in the interview and they are taking your forward.


Do you have any proof whether they have told that they would reimburse your fare, As far as my knowledge is concern, if company has to reimburse anything then they would book your flight / train ticket, The don’t ask resources to book the same. I think you would have not heard properly.

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