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Greyhound - Refund requested/ Disgruntled customer

Greyhound - Refund requested/ Disgruntled customer
I understand that I bought a non-refundable ticket but when I am given wrong information that keeps us from using the ticket, it seems a refund should be given. While a voucher was offered, it's very likely that voucher would never be used, which means we wasted quite a bit of money due to being given wrong information. To whom it may concern, I want to voice my displeasure with the service rendered. If possible, I would greatly appreciate a refund. It has taken me time to write this email because it was a very frustrating situation. On Wednesday, September 9th, we were seeking to help a homeless lady get to Nampa, Idaho to be with family. When calling Greyhound the first time, we as shelter staff were told that she couldn't ride because she had no state photo ID. The second time we called as shelter staff, we were trying to figure out what she needed the ID for and if there was an alternative to a state photo ID. We were told that we could get a ticket without a photo ID, she would just need a password since we would be paying for the ticket. Getting on the bus would depend if the bus driver asked for a photo ID. After talking with a few people that I know, I was told by all of them that they had never seen a bus driver ask for a photo ID, just the ticket. I let the rep know that I couldn't do anything more on this phone call but that I would probably be calling back. I needed to figure out the payment situation but knew we wanted to use the phone to order the ticket so that we could get the password needed. The payment situation was that the family member gave money to the shelter so that we could pay for her to get to this person. She did not have a smart phone so a printed ticket was needed. When finding out that she would need to leave from Wichita rather than Newton at 1 AM, I asked the guy on the phone if when we came to get her on the bus if we could get in the bus station to get a ticket. He said yes and recommended that we arrive an hour ahead of time. With this phone call getting the ticket paid for, I thought we had it squared away. Before hanging up, I wanted some sort of record of the purchase. I had to ask to have a confirmation and itinerary emailed to me. There was nothing in the email. The subject line read "Greyhound Ticket Purchase Confirmation and Itinerary (#) but there was nothing in the email, where I was expecting at least a link if not a lot more information. I thought this must be enough info to get the ticket along with the password that was set up: April. I ended up going with her for transportation and to make sure she was able to get on the bus. So we showed up in Wichita at midnight to find out that the bus station was not open. We stuck around until 1:30 to see if there was a way that the bus driver could get us the tickets. He said he was willing to take her to her first stop/transfer but she may get stuck there considering she has no ticket. I was very unhappy, feeling as if the person I had talked to on the phone had straight out lied to me. There was no customer service person to deal with this situation in the middle of the night. If there are buses running in the middle of the night, I would bet that customer service would be needed every night. When calling and realizing customer service opened at 7 AM on Thursday, Sept 9th. I called shortly after 7 to see what could be done considering we were told wrong. I was told that all I should have to do is put in a request refund on the website (which I did this same morning), and that it should be fine to change the ticket to the following day - 1 AM bus for Friday. At this time, I was pushing for this being done for free because I was given the wrong information. Because we had been at the bus station and seen on the door that the bus station hours were 11:30 - 4:30. (If I would have gone by what is posted online (3 am - 6 pm), I would have been even more frustrated.) We came to the bus station on Thursday afternoon just to be told that we couldn't have our ticket changed because it had already been printed. When talking to the bus station attendant, I didn't care if we had to pay the $20. We just needed to be able to get her to her family. (I don't know if you realize how busy shelters are with COVID.) He told us he couldn't do anything and to call Greyhound. I talked to customer service again, when she told me that the reason that the ticket couldn't be changed or printed was because it was passed the time of the original trip (pretty sure I talked to a different person each time). Yes, I was notified that the ticket had to be changed 24 hours in advance, but the ticket wouldn't have needed changed if we would have been able to get the ticket like we were told was possible. After being on the phone multiple times, I ended up paying for a whole new ticket out of my personal money. Not happily but for the sake of doing what needed to be done. Finally she got on her bus at 1 AM on Friday. Not only do I feel taken advantage of because the shelter had paid for a ticket that we had no way to get, but the money of the person trying to help their homeless family member was wasted, let alone my own money that shouldn't have needed to be spent. This message (which was also sent by an email I was given over the phone) is to point out the need for Greyhound to get their stuff together (giving out correct information even if the bus station is contracted) and in effort to get a refund, which wouldn't have been needed if we were given the correct information. In neither instance was I given a receipt but a confirmation number. Unfortunately, the confirmation number for the second ticket went with the lady on the bus in hopes that something wouldn't get messed up along the way. (Left out personal info) Just wanting to ensure this doesn't happen to anyone else, take all precautions.
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Highway Robbery!!!


Highway Robbery!


"I understand that I bought a non-refundable ticket" The End.... Do Not agree to terms you're not ready to honor when the chips are down. YOU asked for this...YOUR fault.

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