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Aetna - Bad treatment

Update by user Oct 19, 2020

Heard or received nothing at this point, NO surprise there.

Original review posted by user Sep 19, 2020
I was transferred to a local banner hospital because of my suicide attempt, First things first I requested to be left alone and I would sign that refusal I as turned day and told that was not my right. I was transported to the Banner Ironwood hospital and kept under observation, no drugs are given, no stomach pumping just to be watched and left alone. I was visited by a Doctor and had a video chat on the video link on the TV with a counselor and both told me that I needed to go to a behavioral health hospital and if I agreed I would be out with 23 hours, guess what yeah right Why isnt all banner employees on the same page? This was a total lie. I was placed into behavioral Banner health in Scottsdale over an hour away from my family and home, what pushing up the ambulance time, mileage, and cost? I was placed into my room after sitting alone for approx. one hour not knowing what was going on. All my property taken away and was sitting in scrubs that I was changed into on Sunday night and was wearing since Sunday night and now it was Monday afternoon with no offer of a change of clothing or an offer of a shower. I was given that nasty test of the corvid 19 up the nose even though I had it and was cleared just over a month ago, then quarantined in my room all day on Monday, when Tuesday arrived a nurse came in to invite me to go with the floor group to go to the downstairs cafeteria for lunch when the nurse taking my vitals heard that she said No he is good to go his test came back negative Wow thank you for that forgotten and not shared information. I couldnt go down because I had NO off unit footwear, of which I requested and didnt get. A case manager came to my door and asked me several questions that were already taken with the nurse earlier, that was the one and only time I saw my so-called case manager good job Banner and the case manager. The same day a so-called doctor arrived to ask me the same questions as all the nurses have already asked, after that she left with no feedback on my stay. That was the last time I saw her until the day of my release of which I requested after my complaints to the medical manager of my treatment there. So having a so-called doctor twice in a week asking me the same standard questions and then leave, having a case manager visit me once within day two is enough. All I received at this place was my Vitals took and the normal meds that I had at home each day, how does that seem to Banner as a mental health help? I felt neglected while their, thank God that I resolved my own mental issues during the time I was left alone. I was told by other patients that they were also not getting the mental health that they really needed, I complained to get out ASAP I was told by the so-called Doctor that she thought that Saturday might be the day too go, What? Why? No real response, hence my sit-down with the nurse floor manager with my complaints, I was cleared and told that I would be leaving this day of Friday and be told when to phone for a ride. Banner needs the Doctors to scan the patient's wrist band when they visit the patient and then finish their visit, these Doctors are falsifying their visits, cheating banner and the patients Hence this very long email. They are stealing money without the necessary mental help we all need, watch them scan their duties. Offensive behavior. Getting a nurse that is sitting in the middle nursing center is bad, I stood there waiting to request something I was there a long time before an actual tech asked what did I need, I said I am waiting for an actual nurse to stop surfing and texting to look up and assist me, you need cameras to watch the nurses station, not us. The so-called speaker system doesnt enter the rooms so if you are in there look luck with hearing it. On I think this past Thursday we had a patient complain to a TV room of other patients to please speak quieter because she couldnt hear the TV in, the way it was asked could have been in a better manner or the staff should have been informed, well anyway with the raised voices the nursing staff came in with the order that the TV room will be locked down, we were treated like naughty child NO please but go to your rooms. When vacating the TV room one f the patients was zoomed into by the staff accusing her of being the ring leader totally wrong, she was told to go to her room and she couldnt go down to the cafeteria for dinner, she said to each staff member So you are stopping me from my dinner downstairs? None of the staff answered just standing there with their arms folded, she decided to clear the Nurses station shelve of all the ready-made meals onto the floor. That could have been handled better by the staff, then she was taken to her room by a couple of heavy-set techs, one turned around and told me Go to your room once again spoken to like a child No manners just damn rudeness. When we all returned from dinner the nurse stood in the doorway of the TV room and was told again in a rude manner Go to your room that pissed everyone off, good job guys. The trouble in the TV room was because the patients involved were all detox patients, why are you mixing these patients with us? If you have a lack of rooms for them elsewhere then this was a wrong decision, all they spoke about was their dealers, when will they get their next fix, and sex mainly female gay sex. So my question is this: What did I get to help my mental health? I received meds that I had at home, a bed that I had at home, and three meals a day that I had at home. So much for safety with Detox people all around us, with patients attempting to get better, good plan guys. I left there looking scruffy with no electric hair trimmers available, why not? You offer a wet razor while being watched by a nurse I request that four times with the response I shall take care of that later yeah right, WHEN? I got a change of Scrubs on Wednesday, wearing my old ones since Sunday, yuck. A pair of rubber-soled socks on Wednesday so now I can go down to the cafeteria thanks, guys. When I was being discharged I was told that I had to pay this over the top bill before living, or you shall not be leaving A bill for what? I could have gone to a motel six and had three meals and been charged with the low hundred dollars range instead of a bill for thousands for the same service. I need my billing looked at and corrected this email is being copied and emailed to other places including my insurance company. This is a very offended, abused, self helped, and pissed customer. Anthony Edwards 0013013**** Acct number Mr number {{Redacted}}

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