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Legacy Homes Omaha: Poor Quality, Unsupported Warranty, Unfriendly Staff

Legacy Homes is very difficult to work with after completing a house sale. To get something fixed under warranty, they just pass along your request to the contractor who originally did the work, and then they fail to follow-up or help you out when a dispute arises with the contractor. This results in frequent miscommunication, conflict and blame-shifting, all of which Legacy Homes claims no responsibility. They are always unfriendly over written communication and do not respond at all to priority requests outside of business hours. Their vendors constantly complain about how difficult Legacy Homes is to work with as well; many of them have ended their relationship with them for a multitude of reasons. Even the workers at Legacy Homes seem unhappy. Besides the inscrutable warranty process, the quality of our home also failed to meet our expectations. Most recently, we discovered that one of our outdoor faucets had an improper seal, which caused water to build up within our walls for several months undetected. Their contractors and inspectors must have ignored this regular drip and just covered it up with drywall, rather than taking the time to fix it. Now, we have a really epic mold problem to deal with on our own. As another example of their poor quality, we discovered that over 20 of the boards in our hardwood kitchen floor were splitting right down the middle, because they were improperly acclimated to the humidity level before installation. It took several months for them to fix it, and now the floor creaks constantly and has unsightly nail holes everywhere. By far, though, the biggest problem has been the water table. They built our basement so low in the ground that they had to install a whole new drainage system and sump pump after our basement kept flooding. A proper survey would have revealed the water table issue. They also ignored their waterproofing vendor when they raised this concern in the building process, and refused to compensate them for this extra work, which took several months to complete, during which our entire basement was completely unusable. They also refused to properly drain the outlet of this sump pump, which runs every 20 seconds, flooding our lawn with hundreds of gallons of water per day. Of course, if this happens to you, outside of the warranty they will accept zero blame and will be completely unhelpful in diagnosing the problem or fixing it. Even in the most extreme situations, and still within the terms of the warranty, they may refuse to escalate your home issue and you will never hear from a person of authority in the company. It's always "the vendor's fault", even though it's Legacy Homes who made the sale. I recommend staying clear of anything built by Legacy Homes because of their poor warranty support and constant quality issues.
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We have had ongoing issues with Legacy Homes of Omaha quality of workmanship and their contractors since we moved in in 2014. I have written letters to Legacy Homes of Omaha outlining the issues, our garage floor is current issue.

We have incurred expenses out of our own pocket to do some temporary fixes and when we ask if Legacy Homes customer service will offer any reimbursement, they always say a big fat NO. We do not recommend you buy a home from Legacy Homes of Omaha

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Did Legacy just keep pushing you off on the subcontractors? They actually have the subcontractor making arrangements for us instead of taking lead.

They stated "In the spirit of customer service, we have asked **** to contact us prior to completing a root diagnosis." But, of course they included the warranty was up. How can a 3.5yr house have the amount of damage due to negligence and poor workmanship and not take ownership?

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