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Lazada Philippines #1927146
Case # 205000****191997 Duhhhh...It was 11 days ago! I've sent several follow-ups and did not get any response. I understand that there is an ongoing pandemic but seriously 11 days is too much. I just needed an answer and that's it! I sent the seller evidence that the item was damaged, they were uncooperative and wanted me to buy another item just so they can replace the damaged item they sent me. The only other item I was interested in purchasing was their deep-dish matting which didn't have good reviews and I told them that. Sucks! I was even the one who suggested that we meet halfway but they refused(these can be verified if you have access to our conversation). Since I have photos of the damaged item, there is no need for mediation. Why? Might have been the seller or the courier's fault but the seller should have known that their item is fragile and therefore they should have added insurance for their items. That is for their protection. As a buyer, I was of course expecting a buyer's protection from Lazada since there is no option for buyers to add/purchase shipping insurance or whatever you may call it. It's not a huge transaction, but I did felt that the seller shouldn't get...
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