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I was kicked off the PhysicsForum website by a so called “Mentor” named Peter Donis for “stubbornly promoting content that is false or misguided.” What was I defending, THE STANDARD MODEL OF THE BIG BANG THEORY! The one that appears in all the text books and everywhere on line. It states the universe appeared as a singularity about 13.8 billion years ago and then went through a period of expansion. He stated that “the standard model for the BB did not include a singularity and the inflationary epoch happened before the events covered by the standard hot big bang theory.” You have no idea how wrong this is according to mainstream science. I am Quantum321. Peter “Here in a private conversation I don't have to mince words. This is ***. You have given no acceptable references whatever; all your links were to pop science articles. Not one of them even gave a reference to a textbook or a peer-reviewed paper. You simply do not know what the actual mainstream science is.” All of my references are well known (see below) such as NASA. I asked him to refer me to a site that met his criteria...he DECLINED! The only was for him not to look completely ignorant over this is to destroyed all the evidence. Then he posted 'Now that the poster who gave incorrect references about the "standard Big Bang model" is gone, in case anyone else is interested, the actual "standard model" of Big Bang cosmology is described here... ...and in the references given there. Now it gets really bizarre! Wikipedia is not a peer-reviewed paper! It is a free encyclopedia. From the Wikipedia reference he sited “The model includes a single originating event, the "Big Bang" or initial singularity, which was not an explosion but the abrupt appearance of expanding space-time containing radiation at temperatures of around 1015 K. This was immediately (within 10−29 seconds) followed by an exponential expansion of space by a scale multiplier of 1027 or more, known as cosmic inflation. First the initial singularity then expansion. Exactly contrary to his assertions!. So his accepted reference site does not follow his own guide lines and does not support his position!! IT SUPPORTS MY POSITION! I do not recommend that anyone post anything intelligent on the PhysicsForum owned by Greg Bernhardt. As you can see any discussion regarding mainstream physics will be subject to removal and expulsion from the site. This site is not to be considered a good place to either learn physics or cosmology. They have adopted a narrow minded view and reject mainstream sciences accepted models.
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