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As management of Regency Student Housing Community we wanted to respond to the reviews on this site. We were able to investigate most of these reviews and confirmed they involve tenants which defaulted on their lease, had serious lease violations, and/or wanted to break a signed lease agreement. While it is unfortunate that this forum was the choice in venting their anger, we stand behind the quality and value of our community. In the last 11 years we have had approximately 10,000 college students live at the Regency. These reviews represent only a handful of our residents through all these years. We strive to do our best in pleasing everyone but it is not always possible for everyone to be happy with a given outcome. As a business we always want to improve and provide the best quality living experience for our student residents, at the most affordable price possible. Thank you for your understanding, Regency Management
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I wrote the review "Don't send your child to live at the Regency." We met none of the bad tenant qualities as listed above. Today, Aug.

11 (not prior to June 7 when this review was written and claimed to have contacted most of the negative reviewers on the site) I received an email that the Regency would like to discuss my concerns.

After the way their staff and staff of businesses that they work with (the tow truck company) treated me, with such disrespect and disregard, I can't imagine much can be done to remedy the situation aside from The Regency reimbursing me for the towing fees as well as for my time missed at work, in addition to a hearty apology. All of which I doubt are forthcoming.

I am a professional, educated adult who is well-respected among my peers and colleagues. To be treated the way I was by Wayne, and then by subsequent staff, was embarrassing, demeaning, and totally out of the realm of professional behavior.

I rarely lose my temper, but I was pushed well past that point by the behavior of this staff.

In addition, when I mentioned to Wayne that there were many, many negative reviews online, he smugly informed me that they do not read nor care about negative reviews, so in the very least I'm happy to see that someone there is starting to take customer service seriously, and hopefully conditions will improve.


I should’ve checked the reviews before signing the lease!! Nobody is happy about this place. Thank for your poster

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