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The Old Spaghetti Factory - BAD EXPERIENCE

Corporate, I hope you are reading; this reflects on you and your employees! I didn't even eat the food, had it boxed and then threw it away after paying because of the experience. Okay, so this is my first time at this restaurant and my last! Horrible, offensive and disrespectful experience by our server Mitch (which wasn't the name he gave us after asking him for it because he didn't introduce himself or have a name tag). I can't remember the name he gave to be honest. The manager Sumitra was worse as she disrespected us by saying she backs up her servers 100 percent! Even though her waiter LIED and said WE WERE RUDE AND WERE RECORDING HIM, YES EVERYONE RECORDING HIM and Sumitra, the Manager, supported her server and decided to disrespect the customers by even entertaining this idiotic excuse for bad service. Who does that? Especially a manager. I'm a visitor, taking selfies and pictures with my friends! We were sat with no menus. Waited for our waiter who showed up minutes later and asked him if we could get menus after he asked if he could take our order and acted as if it was our fault we didn't have the menus. He then went to go get them and asked for our drinks, we asked for two raspberry teas and one coke. He came back with TWO cokes..., then we let him know about the mix up and he said "I'll get that" and went to get the right drink as if we made the mistake. Finally, took our order and I asked specifically for chicken alfredo with angel hair, because it wasn't in the menu and he said "you got it". I get fettuccine alfredo instead. I let him know and he said "okay sure" and then I asked "you do remember hearing me say angel hair?" and he said "no I honestly didn't but okay I can get it changed"... his personality was so passive aggressive and offensive. We talked to Sumitra about the horrid experience and she acted like she didn't care. When she came back 5 minutes later after charging the card, I told her, "as a manager who gets a complaint about a bad experience you should've at least tried to turn it around around and say I will take care of this. I'm sorry I took the appetizer off of your bill", but she said "no, not tonight because my waiter said YOU were rude and you're recording him". I said "are you serious? I'm offended and disrespected you would even mention this to us, why would we do any of that, first we don't have menus, then he doesn't remember our order and now you are saying we were wrong?" She said "yeah I back up my servers 100 percent". I then asked for her name and a higher authority and she said "no, I was the only one" and I said "no, I know there is someone above you and I wanted her name and the server's name" which she refused to give me until I pressed and she finally gave in. This is not over, I will call corporate and they will know about the experience their employees give to customers. This is not what I expected as a Portland visitor. Next time you go (if I were you, I wouldn't go, but if you do) remember the name is Sumitra, who is the manager and Mitchell or Mitch, the server. Stay away from them. They should not be in the customer service business. I am so upset and offended.
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The Old Spaghetti Factory Customer Care
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