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Suburban Extended Stay Hotel Manager Review from La Place, Louisiana

I am very disappointed with this hotel .. For one I checked in with my family homeless with nowhere to go in St.John the Parish in Louisiana a parish that does not have any shelters or charities that assist people in my situation I stayed from 6/16/16-6/25/16 which my room was paid for up until 6/26/16 but the morning of 6/25 I was using my rooms telephone butafterbeingon it for A few minutesof each call that I it hangup by itself so after getting frustrated I decided to go to the front desk anx ask for a replacement which at that time the front desk clerk took the phone and went into the back office where the housekeeping supervisor and the GM were but,shortly returned and told me that the housekeeping supervisor was coming with another one andthen asked me if I that they needed me to bring my dirty linen to the front desk and I said ok but also asked why I was being asked to do this again since I had been checked in since 6/16 and was aware of the routen,so the supervisor appeared with a supposedly new room phone, I said thank you and asked for a garbage bag for the dirty linen and went back to my room and proceeded to plug the phone up and noticed it was the same one as before proceeded to make a call and sure enough after a few minutes it hang up by itself again, so as a paying customer I went back to the front desk and said ma'am I dont want to call anyone a liar but I believe I was given the samephone I brought down from my room she didntsay anything just took the phone went to the back and then I was greeted by the Housekeeping Sup. & GM which told me they could not exchange out anymore phones because they had a machine in the back that test them and it was working fine they had just tested it, so I began to ask if the housekeeping Sup. could exchanged it with one from there storage as she did the first time she did when they checked me into the room with a broken phone that rattled at any slight movement so this was actually the third time I had to go downstairs for the same reason, but the GM Rudely cur me off saying that one was assigned to my room and they could not exchange it for another one and that they would also need my dirty linen from my room, so I began to ask why I was being attacked about the dirty linen after staying there so long they both began to get rude about it now saying they would come up and get the linen, so I took my room phone walked away towards the elevator and as i pressed the button to go the 2nd floor I said to myself out loud I know exactly how to handle this, rudely the GM says excuse me and I turned to him and repeated myself as the elevator doors closed, once into my room good the GM and Hse Keep Sup . knocked at my room door and rushed me for the dirty linen so I then asked if I could ask them a question and GM answered saying yes so I then asked him why was I being attacked about dirty linen was something missing and he said sarcasticlly we do our best to make sure that nothing comes up missing in his Hotel thats why he was the GM .. Which I then told him that I was told by more than one housekeeper that I could sit it outside the door as long as it was early enough for them to pick it up or to swap it out at the front desk which I had been doing and they both argueed with me sayn they never recieved any from my room, which I said was not true and they should check their cameras because they had them all over the hotel, The GM got even ruder and them told me since I was being rude and nasty that they were going to call the charitie that was paying for my room and tell them I needed to be relocated so I brought it to his attention that I was paying out of pocket now, and he then said good im going to refund your money it will come to me in a check .. So i cut him off and let him know once again that I was homeless and he couldnt do that in those steps and asked him so you really expect me to pack up an entire family anf studio style room we had been in for over a week and get out on the streets with my two small children in the heat and he said yes, I then asked if he could give me time to find a ride and book another room he said sure I had until 12:00 pm checkout time and it was 10:42 am when he refunded my cash I asked for names and he would only give a first name no last I also asked told him that I would be contacting corporate and he told me dont waist my time that they were privately owned and the owners wont care We were forced to leave and escorted out by police officers which was completely overwhelming and unnecessary for my family ...
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La Place, Louisiana
Suburban Extended Stay Hotel Manager
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