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Dothan Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram - 2015 Chrysler 200 Limited Review from Hearne, Texas

America's Import selling Dreams to America's Un-import-ant!!!!! Unfortunately my experience with Dothan Chrysler over the last week hasn't been up to par. Monday 6/13/16 my family and i traveled to Macon, GA to be of assistance to my mother. She has Multiple sclerosis and was starting her new medication. Everything didnt go as expected but we made the best of it and she was feeling well enough for us to leave Wednesday. My family and I left Wednesday morning around 7:15am to go to Fort Valley to eat breakfast with my father and his family. While in route i noticed a sound coming from the driver side of my car so i pulled over to the side and inspected the car (the sound was similar to the sound a bicycle makes when you put a baseball card in the spokes) everything was intact so i resumed driving to my destination. We arrived there around 7:50am. We ate breakfast laughed and talked and i asked my dad if he might have a clue as to what may be causing it he said he didnt know and his mechanic was busy that day, so we said our Goodbyes and got back on the road. The sound was still there and seemed to be getting louder and when i slowed down my car would vibrate a little. At this point the sound became a real concern and i called Autonation Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Columbus I spoke to the service manager explained to him the symptoms and he said when i got there they would take a look at it. 10 minutes later (8:45) it became apparent we werent going to make it to the dealership and i proceeded to to pullover and thats when i heard a loud bump and my tire shot out from under my car and into oncoming traffic terrifying everyone in the car especially my kids they are 5 and 7. Fortunately i was able to keep control of my vehicle and get it to the shoulder where i called Chrysler Roadside Assistance. Roadside Assistance is a customer service complaint because i called them around 9 and help didnt arrive until almost 2 pm. The first representative didnt inform the tow company that i had passengers so they had to cancel the tow and send out a new one. Then the second towing company was given the wrong information about where we were located and had to call me to find out. We got to the Autonation dealership around 2:45 and were informed that they wouldn't be able to look at my car that day and that i would need to make necessary areangements to get home. To make matters worse Chrylser Corporate called and said they wouldnt be able to provide us with a rental to get back home. So now my family who by then was tired frustrated and ready to go home were sitting at a dealership in Columbus Ga. Fortunately we were able to contact some family members near there ans they gave us a ride back to Dothan. The next morning (6/16/16) i go to the Chrysler dealership to get a copy of the Repair Order that showed them being the last people to work on my car to find out that due to someones negligence the repair order hadn't been closed out so it didnt show up in the system. The clerk finalized the document and gave me my copy of the Repair Order. Later that day Chrysler corporate calls inquiring about the details of the accident,where i had my car serviced prior to the accident, and how long ago it had been. I gave them the information and they said they were going to call the dealership and would call me back shortly. They called back and told me they couldn't help me and its not covered under my warranty and i should contact Dothan Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram for further assistance. I contacted Dothan Chrylser and spoke to the service manager i think his name was John and he said that if the tire was gonna come off it would have come off in 500 miles or less so its probably best if i file it on my insurance but they would look into the matter and give me a call Monday. It is now Wednesday 6/22/16 my car is no closer to being fixed and everyone is giving me the run around about getting in touch with someone who can make this right. Tires dont just come off cars. And I'll never do business with the A&D Automotive Group dealerships again.
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Hearne, Texas
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