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Flexite - Review in Cosmetics and Toiletries category

Flexite #1174569
Lee Soroca and the Flexite Company have been turned over to our attorneys for payment.
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Willie Eqw
A $398.00 check was mailed to Mr.Zigo yesterday. We deducted $627.00 for the invoice Mr. Zigo owed The Flexite Company.
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Homestead Technologies Zigo Technologies Review from Bronx, New York

Homestead Technologies #1173791
Again, It appears Mr. Lee Soroca has jumped to his own conclusion, instead of asking someone of the circumstances first. The company Homestead supplied web hosting for Zigo Technologies, Phoenix, Arizona for their web-site over 3 years ago. The Site was taken over by Davidson and Belluso and is still under their supervision. Mr. Soroca is using an error in the transfer to fuel his vendetta for Mr. Ed Zigo, of Phoenix, Arizona. Mr. Zigo was not responsible for this error but is now being publicly slandered by Mr.Lee Soroca as the cause of it. We now understand why Mr. Ed Zigo terminated relations and association with Mr. Lee Soroca of The Flexite Company first. Quite simply, Mr. Sorocas' true colors are manifesting, and it is not professional. He alone is the main reason people do not want to deal with The Flexite Company.
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